a Full Conversion MOD for "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" - "Welcome back Brian". You've returned to "Mental Memorial Hospital", and you must solve the mystery behind it! This thrilling horror mod will leave you at the edge of your seat! We've added a LOT of new elements to the game, including custom entities/static_objects, music, sounds, HUD elements, voice-acting, and MUCH MORE!

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it's awesome it's just the type of custom story i like long terrefying, with some jump scares and it has a really good gameplay i loved it :D

Nice sir,

This cs was so good..
I dont care what people said critically..

Make more cs.. :)

Downloaded it and it's not working!

The story line is intresting, but not very unique. Level design is the same. It's intresting, but could have been much better. It includes annoying lamps (I found like 30 flickering lamps, wich was annoying for my eyes), blue boxy fog in one of the bathrooms with a boxy, unrealistic water square on the floor and some honestly lame things, like the gas can part. Just putting a couple of gas cans on the floor is helping me in what way exactly? It also has a few bugs, glitches and very predictable scares. I'm normally scared, but I was not scared at all to be honest except for a few parts, like the monster chasing parts.

The technical part of the story is working just fine and the lenght and custom materials in it are all good.

In conclusion: It's very good and it's working great in overall, but I did expect much more from a Full Conversion. This is a regular custom story with some custom materials and voice actings for me. Not like a new game.

7/10 - Good

excellent mod , knew mess with the psychological and cause plenty of unexpected scares, excellent customization of scenery and great additions objects. Throughout the entire game the weather is voltage. The story reminded me a little White Night and some parts of the TBM game ; the story is good , but it is not original , but still got me sastisfazer . A few notes found and the plot of understanding is by the voices of gameplay . Scenarios very well-crafted and detailed , I particularly like that very much . Another important aspect was the choices that can be made , a great mod

Mapping/Setting: For the most part I enjoyed this section quite a lot. There were a lot of brilliantly used set pieces, and most of it was structured very nicely. I especially like some of the sewer levels as they were done brilliantly in the mapping section.

Scares/Atmosphere: Sadly the actual scares is when this review might start taking a nose-dive. Many of the scares are jumpscares, and while several others are not, some just have cool concepts which are poorly executed in way that causes them to lose their intended purposes. Actual scares were definitely a weak point in the mod. There were a handful of decent ones though. Just more bad than good.

The atmosphere on the other hand was in my opinion done great. Not masterful, but it was done very good.

Storytelling: Unfortunately this is another low point of the mod. The whole mod is basically a "Wake up in an unknown place" except in a hospital. The story is largely absent in the mod, and you barely have any interactions with the plot, or any hints towards it. While I'd say the whole story is "resolved" at the end, the entire story was still extremely poorly executed in my opinion.

Gameplay/Puzzles: I like the addition of a few interesting gameplay mechanics such as the flashlight re-charging one. I do have to be puzzled at why there seems to be a few extra ones like a phone, and choice making at the start of the game, but later simply vanish. Did you think that they weren't worth it or something?

As for the puzzles, I think you should've given the player a bit more hints, and nudges as to where such things you need might be located so they aren't lost all the time.

Verdict: A lot of interesting settings, and new gameplay mechanics is brought down by confusing gameplay as well as a poor execution of story. 6.5/10

Full un-abridged review here: Frictionalgames.com

Finished this custom story and I have to say that it was bad in a good way. There were a lot of kitsch moments of jump scares that actually made me laugh. The scares that made me jump were VERY scary. I have three great fears in custom stories:

1. Gatherers popping out of closets.
2. Crawling mobs attacking me at the top of a ladder.
3. Faces of enemies taking up my entire screen.

I'll let the players find out which of them it was.

+1 great scares.
+1 for blending Amnesia and Penumbra models well.
+0 for adding the first female 'model' to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
-1 voice actors need coaches on how to voice act.
-1 on the pathfinding of mobs not always working.
-2 on the story because it was completely incomprehensible.

Final review: 8/10.


BrennenburgBrother#1 says

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scary and funny! I love the last part 10/10 where you save your girl friend from fire and the chopper.

I did not expect something so good out of this, but with the exception of a somewhat confusing story, and some lag, this mod was a great combination of unique elements and scares. Although many of the scares were cheap, they are in context with the story and the atmosphere did a great job at building up to them so they do not bring down the score for me. The level design was also very good and there was a lot of custom content. Overall this was a very good, scary mod. The only thing that I thought could have made it better would be if the story was a bit less vague.

This is my second time to play this story. I really liked the overall feel of it but it did lack some good scares. Very few of the monster encounters were scary but the ones that were really scred the crap out of me.

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