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You only give 1/10 - 3/10 to troll stories. Also you don't use "logic" and "game" in the same sentence. This community is dying because of people like you.

The problem is that people are making free content for everyone to play and everyone to have fun but so many people are hating on it anyway. That's the reason many people only want money for their games and the games are only bulls*it at the end. If someone makes a service for free and doesn't take anything from that - say thank you.

Don't want to offend you but im a bit ****** about that.

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Lol.. another rate 1....
premonition is 2 years ofhard work..
about the things you said , ITS A GAME...
Amnesia main game also has things impossible...
anyway.. you are a programmer, cant see anything about that...
you pr8bly didnt finish the mod.. a crash can happen, i aint perfect, and the mfp patch aint also.
replay the mod and be free to tell me what you think of it.
thank you... 1... maybe a 5 would fit better?
a 1 seems like.. uninterested, and you haventeven finished it...
thanks for the reading.

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PatPeter Creator

Fair points. Now that I've made a master list of custom stories, I'll try to replay it.

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i agree, i look up to u dnalange, i will carry on your legacy by working with you for ideas and bug fixes ect. the community WILL DIE someday, not while im alive, by that i mean i will probly be still the one working with it once soma comes out, anyway i hope this person just tries t omake something like that, like me with preminition enigma and other mods and game environments

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Mar 27 2016

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Mar 27 2016

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Jun 28 2015