The main features of this mod are; (1) Models/skins of Chow as he appeared in A Better Tomorrow 2, Hard Boiled (Warehouse and Hospital), Replacement Killers (intro nightclub scene) and The Killer (end church shootout). (2) Sampled gun fire sounds from Hard Boiled (shotgun in hospital/warehouse scene, uzi from tea house scene) and Beretta sound from The Killer. You will play as these different skins throughout the main game. It's going to throw the story off slightly because of the sudden change of clothes but hey, put it down to bad continuity. I wanted the player to be able to play as all the skins instead of using page up/down to select them (even though you will still be able to do that). All other parts of the game are untouched other than increasing the rate of fire on all automatic weapons.

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Very nice, Love his movies and the mod is great =D

very cool mod indeed

this mod is great. cool weapons, cool skins, cool gun sounds, new DMW maps few bugs though still great mod and chow yun fat is a great actor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your opinion of this mod will depend heavily on whether or not you are an enthusiast of these movies. Almost all sounds are ripped straight from the movies, the skins are FANTASTIC, and it truly feels like a game based around one of his movies. However, if you do not like the movies, this mod is NOT for you.

The models/skins are fantastic


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