Features of Matto3: Matto3 is a modification for Farcry combing an original storyline with high quality action packed level design. You play as Jack Carver, an agent for the CIA on a special mission.It is up to the player to choose between several routes through the game with lots to see along the way. * Users friendly benchmark menu * Possibility to load saved games out of the Farcry main menu * New weapons: Glock17 with tripple-shot and P99 tactical modified * New objects: e.g. caves... * Slow motion effect * Typical Matto humor...;) This single level adventure is the prequel to the highly anticipated which is also available to download. Download Link: Released 15th June 2005 Farcry-Maps.com Farcryfiles.com Filesnetwork.com 60mb

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Ever since I've gotten into modding myself, I've been wondering what my favorite mod is. How high should I aim? How far can you go? What is the gold standard in mods? And I keep coming back to this one! This may very well be it.

All Matto mods are good works, specially Matto 3 & Matto 4.


A fantastic mod with incredible performance and design considering just how large the map is!

Much like the previous Matto's, there are plenty of hidden jokes for the more observant and the new weapons are fun to use.

While it can be challenging (It's Far Cry, after all), do not fret! This mod is a great addition to your mod library :D


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