The Titanic Mod brings people at one of the most detailed and accurate free 3D recreations of the Titanic ever made. It puts the player in a whole new storyline for the game Mafia.

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Titanic enters Lost heaven
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This is probably nitpicking but we might be working on the assumption that Salieri has good relations with the captain and the crew, since the latter will (presumably) allow his men to explore the ship throughout despite the fact that the majority of the other passengers were strictly isolated in their respective class areas.

Sam here is standing right in the engineer's promenade, which pretty much puts one's imagination running: just imagine him standing right on the aft expansion joint just when the ship loses its longitudinal stability...priceless. :D

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MrRobville Author

That clean deck is going to be a great mess when it breaks :P
The player isn't restricted because of 2 reasons.

1. it's hard to script someone chasing you when trepassing
2. it wouldn't be so much fun for people if they are limited to certain area's

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Technical reasons obviously come as no surprise (at this point, anyway :)) but I think it'd be "appropriate" to dedicate some dialogue for explaining that away, since, ahem...I think most Titanic history buffs wouldn't love the Cameron's depiction of vague class restrictions being replicated much.

Speaking about the breakup, several survivors witnessed the forward expansion joint tear itself open as the boat deck "took a bit of a dive." I think something similar must've happened to the aft joint as the ship's bending moment started accumulating towards the breakup. Confusingly enough, a mathematical study (2008) by Jamestown Marine Services indicates that the Titanic lost its longitudinal stability at an angle as low as 10 degrees, and that the bending moment, by then, was nonetheless a one-seventh greater than in any unflooded condition the vessel could've ever encountered in ordinary service (including the condition of reaching the _same_ angle on a large wave).

In short: the real Titanic broke up at a not-so-spectacular angle, but it was still an outperformance considering what it was designed for. Not bad, Harland & Wolff. Not bad at all. *applauds*

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yes i know, you see Titanic, and you see a big city, those didn't coöperate like i said right?

yes, this scene doesn't go too smooth, but it runs fine. remember that none of the interior will be added for this scene. else it would be constantly 10-20FPS

anyway, what you see are some nice few images of the titanic added to the docks. there are still a few modifications left to the docks as the gantrys do not allign perfectly.

also an image of Captain smith with Officer murdoch.
"Take her to sea mr. murdoch.. let's stretch her legs"

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