Lost Control is a Crysis singleplayer horror mod, featuring both scary and action sequences. In an extremely detailed environment you will experience challenging gameplay while being haunted by mysterious creatures.

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To start off with criticism, self hype is never a good thing. A developer saying their own mod will cause bowel movements, to play with an adult, and that it causes "extreme" fear is... beyond silly, and really put me off.

The story has a lot of problems. It reminds me of the whole torture porn scene going on right now, as in its a lot like modern day horror telling. FEAR, Dead Space, Saw, etc. Lots of elements to it. The whole unconventional trap is paired with the unknown antagonist trope and its really just predictable.

Now, my high standards out of the way, the atmosphere is spooky as hell and the voice acting and sound design is sharp. A solid 7 is deserved here, it is tricky to install and prone to lagging and not really worth the years of wait, but its still a labor of love.

Can be finished under an hour. If you played "FEAR", thats pretty much the style you are getting here. Story is very confusing and random and ends without explaining anything (I felt like watching LOST all over again). You have about 4 guns during the whole game , one or two of them are custom. I feel like the author really tried some scenario variation (cant say much or i will spoil it), i just wish the ending was something more explosive. I didnt like the decision to "go for the jump scares with very loud noises" , instead of the scary ambient... Overall good mod, definitely worth your time 8/10


game was too short (took 45 minutes to beat) story is paper thin, 1 jump scare and soundtrack was eh. It's basically a meh demo of what FEAR is (which is a better game). worth the 45 minutes but i won't play it again

not bad, lot of space for impovement


Steveen78 says

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A truly great start into my Crysis Mods adventure. Using my ancient technique, I turned around at large hallways so the unsuspecting scares wouldn't explode my eyes. The performance is great except for some areas of the mod. There is one game breaking bug, and only I would've found it. I was there tucked in the first elevator, crouching in the corner. Since the elevator moves your character, I was pushed out of the elevator, also out of the level. Luckily I guess and found out typing 'kill' in the console works. Back through the amazing atmosphere I go. The voice acting is far beyond anything I thought of, and the sound quality too. Your arms are flesh, but I guess our character put on his Nanosuit leggings before he trotted off into the facility. It reminded me of Half Life 1 severely, and that is a good thing. The only real problem that I have is the length. It was short and great, but the weapons you get barely are used, since it ends 5 minutes after. I probably spent a half-hour or so awing at the intensely detailed environment, but disappointed my pistol only shot at two things. The magical blue mist, and the mental office worker. I was also really longing to shoot into decomposing flesh, and encounter the blue mist souls. Overall, great mod, go play it right now.

Too short of a great game and i would love to see more.

Good mod, I was scared several times and slowmo feature was nice, too.


Pretty nice game, i liked the levels. Short but good.

Terrific mod!

Found this quite freaky at times, very good to give you a small scare!
Great ambience and environments with just the right sound effects.

One small bug was how I spawned back earlier in the game at one stage (
but could have simply been my pc, as this was fixed with a re-load of the latest save)

If I could suggest 1 improvement, there was a couple scenes where it would have been nice to walk in a scene rather than viewing it with no control, but it was still enjoyable none the less

I also recommend using a keyboard + mouse over a gamepad/controller (way to difficult at times)

The atmosphere of this mod was pretty good, whenever I was trekking through the various rooms I felt an ominous sense of dread. I can't explain it, the silence of everything really creeped me out! However, a lack of story or at least somewhat of an explanation of what was going kind of left me feeling unfulfilled. I give this an 9/10 because I enjoyed the game play (which is most important to me), but I would have liked a story to go with it. I would like to say that this mod is much better than most other Crysis horror mods.

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