Life’s End is a Half-Life 1 mod I released in 2005. I’ve made this page for it now because some one else tried to take credit for my creation, and I want it clear that I am the guy behind it. Thanks to all those who stood up for me! Life’s End was my first release and quite a learning experience. It looks a little crude, and I’ve improved a hundredfold since then, but I’m still immensely proud of it ;-) In Life’s End you play as Luther Johnson, late to work on what will be the worst day of your life - because Luther works at Black Mesa. And it’s the day Gordon Freeman’s experiment goes wrong… You’ll visit new and familiar areas of Black Mesa, and go far beyond.

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It's always nice to see a perfect mod out there. And this is one of them.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

The game has its own new character, set during the incident at black mesa. It's fun to see G-Man and Gordon Freeman pop-up in the story once in a while. And the story has a nice twist in the end.

The fighting is nice and balanced. The maps are easy to navigate and not too big and maze-like. The puzzles are simple and not to difficult (usually it's just a 'go fetch this' quest).

The game has some hilarious moments, caused by "gas-induced hallucinations", a wonderful parody on Star Trek and a good sense of humor overall.

The game is a bit on the short side, maybe 3-4 hours. But I feel it's the perfect length for this mod, if it were longer it would've dragged itself on with more random locations. If it were shorter the story would have been wrapped up to fast.

The AI works great, well as great as it can get with half life, there's still the one or two AI resets but it's not much of a problem.

Overall this mod works perfectly in what it does, it's still a simple expansion to the half-life universe and not some complicated overhaul which is bound to give problems.

But for what it is, this mod is an excellent choice to play if you want more of half-life, a good campaign or just a good laugh. 10/10 no doubt.

Lengthy and has excellent mapping

I loved this mod I only wish I discovered it sooner. It was quite entertaining after the first chapter, and I can't wait for times end
9/10 simply because nothing is ever perfect

Utterly fantastic in every way. I have played at least a hundred other HL1 mods and, in IMO, this is the best one by far. Can't wait for the sequel.

Insane mod.


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This was the first mod I've ever played, and the best one I've played. This is just simply amazing, everything about it. It's very original and contains a lot of humor. I love it and would recommend it to anybody that plays Half-Life. The idea of Luther Johnson is very creative. The storyline is well executed in this mod. It's just an overall awesome mod. Play it NOW.

Amazing mod! One of the very first mods that i played.
Amazing moments! (Not gonna spoil)
Funny moments!
Great level design!
Overall, a great mod!

Great mod! I have downloaded it every time I change my computer! :P

Keep it up! :D

This mod was a lot of fun, only wish that there was another ending, it sucks that after all you go through you just go to hell :(

Very well-made mod, I say.

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