REQUIRES PORTAL 2. A companion mod to the 7-part interview series at Rock Paper Shotgun that focuses on discussing level design and process. You could also call it an "interview mod," I guess. Or maybe it's one of those dreaded art mods? I'll let you decide how to label it, but given the choice, talking about the game rarely matters as much as playing it. So just play it. (This mod was sponsored by Rock Paper Shotgun; built and compiled by Robert Yang; contributors are Dan Pinchbeck, Jack Monahan, Magnar Jenssen, Brendon Chung, Davey Wreden, Ed Key, and Richard Perrin.)

Report content Level With Me v1.0 full (*DEPRECATED*)
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Dec 21st, 2011
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*** HEY, DOWNLOAD v1.01 INSTEAD. THIS VERSION IS OBSOLETE.*** Unzip to \SourceMods\, restart Steam, etc. Use Windows for best results, though Portal 2 mods *can* work on OSX with some considerable massaging... we don't recommend that. (STILL NEED HELP? READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION...)

INSTALLATION (as of December 21st, 2011)

1) Download and unzip the folder to \Steam\SteamApps\Sourcemods\

(OSX users: drop the folder into something like "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Portal 2" instead.)

2) Install Portal 2 if you haven't, and run it at least once to generate some files.

3) Restart Steam.

4) Run "Level With Me"
in your Steam games list.(OSX users: download and unzip this .app, and start the mod with this shortcut instead. Thanks to Don.Gato.)

- .BIK movie files might not play properly on OSX. Sorry.

- Weird workarounds are necessary for OSX users to even play this. Sorry.

- In general, I get the feeling that Portal 2 wasn't built to accommodate the Sourcemod folder format. It'll likely get phased out even further in the next big Portal 2 patch that adds integrated community map sharing and such. I will patch the release on ModDB accordingly when that time comes.

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Level With Me v1.0 full (*DEPRECATED*)
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yohoat9 Dec 22 2011 says:

If I had to describe this mod in 1 word, it would be lag... Seriously separate the maps for goodness sake, it was unplayable.

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Dec 22 2011 replied:

did you try all the maps? which maps (and parts) were laggy?

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Deathbagel Dec 22 2011 replied:

Yeah I also found that my framerate dropped a fair bit in some of the levels for chapter 1 (the first one for one). Also was the point in chapter 3 after the Farnsworth house bit when the portal level slides in (I'm guessing that was the spot you're referring to). It definitely wasn't anything gamebreaking or too annoying though.

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Kyle07 Dec 22 2011 replied:

Post your system specs, it is sometimes normal that mods of games need more power than the game self.
I will try this great mod when I have Portal 2 installed ;)

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yohoat9 Dec 23 2011 replied:

I know, I've played several mods and maps, and none have done this to my PC. For what reason do they keep all of these chambers connected in 1 map? Between every elevator sequence it should load a NEW map.

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Dec 23 2011 replied:

There isn't only way to make a Portal 2 map. I didn't even have elevators for a while. Again, I'm sorry, I'll do some optimization later and if you still care to play this mod, then you can try again.

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Dec 22 2011 replied:

I'll release an optimization patch at a later date, when I can bear to look at Hammer again... there's a spot in Ch. 3 that's a bit taxing, but in general there's not much being rendered most of the time and I think most computers should be fine. Sorry you had trouble, I'll try clearing the memory a bit in Ch. 1.

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andybrantford Dec 22 2011 says:

Well this looked promising until I came to a spot where I wanted to save .No save available and the maps have disabled the quick save WTF Thats as far as I'll try this

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Dec 22 2011 replied:

I couldn't figure out why quick saves were getting disabled until recently, and I've uploaded a patch (that's still getting authed) to fix it. In the meantime, the level does autosave for you quite well though: during every elevator ride, and at every "breakthrough" in a puzzle.

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andybrantford Dec 22 2011 replied:

With quick saves I'd rather have auto disabled as if I dont play it all in 1 sitting the next time I have to start from beginning of chapter because there is no load last save

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Gmodfan3 Dec 22 2011 says:

I followed all the instructions for pc
but when i start up this mod it keeps crashing
Is this a bug or i am doing something wrong?

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Dec 22 2011 replied:

Make sure you've run Portal 2 at least once, and Portal 2 is updated to the most recent version.

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