LAST ZOMBIE is Single Player Action Adventure Game taking place in the Half-Life 2 Universe. It tells the tragic tale of a man named Paul, who is haunted by the past and emotions he has forgotten about since the Combine took over. Life outside City 17 is dangerous, but with the chemically altered water and the Suppression Field, and the bullying of the Civil Protection force life is soon without meaning. Can Paul find what was lost to him? Can he find a way to be a human again?

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Level Designers

Posted by Half-Life: Short Stories Team on

Human Error Coop is looking for skilled level designers to help to continue developing Traitor Mode and the soon-to-be-released Alyx Mode. We are also looking for people for the coop campaigns we will start working on next.

For Traitor Mode we have three different maps in mind, each that are described here:

We are happy to have you on the team even if you only have time to work on one Traitor Mode / Alyx Mode map.

You would have to have some previous experience working on a multiplayer game / mod, and you would have to learn how to use the new entities made for Human Error Coop. You can read tutorials about how the different elements work here:

To Apply

Send a PM on moddb or e-mail me to with screenshots and previous work.

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