Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-type, 3D-First Person View game where the player attempts jumping and 17 other disciplines like shooting flare targets, racing vehicles, surfing, bungee, bunnyhop, longjump, or sliderace until he/she reaches the top (or end) of any given environment. In Kreedz Climbing no map is the same and can vary with any combination of these skills. It's a race against time and against other players with any discipline in the game.

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Kreedz Climbing, the JUMP mod for HL2 has been back in developement for nearly 3 months now. The release of this new Wall Bug free mod is planned for March 29, 2007. Those who hated the mod because of the notorious Wall Bug, should give this new version a chance because our movement is now really really

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Kreedz Climbing, the JUMP mod for HL2 has been back in developement for nearly 3 months now. The release of this new Wall Bug free mod is planned for March 29, 2007.

Those who hated the mod because of the notorious Wall Bug, should give this new version a chance because our movement is now really really smooth!!!

Eye Candy:

kz_caulis by Millet kz_bhop_kashgar by Solid and SoUlFaThEr
kz_surfcrazy by SoUlFaThEr kz_mix_piraraa by Greyfox

Check our site, MODdb, GameFlood, or File Planet for the release !!



The Beta2 "amazing" Changelog:

Bugs/exploits fixed:

1. Wall bug is solved and Surfing is smoothened.
2. Pause/f2/falling exploits with the checkpoints have all been fixed.
3. Reset Exploit fixed.(a checkpoint/timer exploit)
4. Player Model validation checks added.
5. Names will display better now when pointing at players.
6. Physics teleporting on physics objects has been lifted by making them not physics items...there was no other way.
7. Spectator mode/timer exploit(F3 noclipping) fixed.
7a. Spectators are no longer solid.
8. Network code greatly improved.
9. Various maps have been bug fixed.
10. Bungee now cuts when going through teleports, pressing F2, joining spectator, setting or saving a checkpoint, writing quit in the console, or disconnecting with the command or the menu.
11. Teleporting bug at the end of the Bungee has been dealt with accordingly.
12. Typing retry in the console no longer crashes the game.
13. Model animation jitter in most cases corrected. Interaction with moving blocks will still cause a bit of jitter. There's also an issue with unducking.


1. Demos are now secure for record recording validation.
2. kz_tutorial has a better information system, you now only have to press the USE key to get the info(don't press a second bubble until the first one is done speaking, otherwise both will run simultaneously). The secret works everytime correctly now too. The tutorial has also been donned with a rope and timer tutorial area including voice narration like all other areas.
3. The Axe now has Normals with its new and improved skins.
4. Four crosshairs added to the Customize Climber dialog which can also be disabled.
5. New basic starter config has jump on space, mwheeldown, and mwheelup, and duck on crtl.
6. Normal and Elite climbers, and Spectators can all hear each other now by default when using +voicerecord.
7. The kz_pause command can only be used if your feet are on the ground. It is also now toggle-able.
8. You cannot set or load checkpoints in Spectator mode.
9. The scoreboard now only displays Timeleft instead of time on server.
10. Pressing F2 to respawn will clear your saved checkpoints.

Function additions/tweaks:

1. Added trigger_legbreak to open new to styles of maps. You can add deathtrap-style puzzles with moving objects.
1a. Effects for this entity can be turned on or off; checkpoints can be stripped, but is off by default. Stripping checks is good for surf or bhop maps because it prevents checkpoint exploits, this applies on dance elements too.
2. Bungee control and target entities added.
3. Bungee has 2 types now, Limited and Free. (Limited is for Bungee only or mixed maps, and Free is still the reward for completeing a map as usual, this remains designers choice).
3a. Bungee Control has Enforce max length, Slack Speed, and Rope Length adjustments possible. With Slack Speed we can control the amount of bounce on the bungee. Enforcing max legnth means you cannot make it longer than the Rope Length.
3b. Bungee Targets can be set to allow a single user or all. They also have special outputs for OnRopeAttach, OnRopeUnattach, and OnRopeAttachNotAllowed.
4. "stuck" command added, and is configurable as well, in the options menu. If you should fall and save a checkpoint on the ground or in the air, ruining your run, stuck will take you to your previously saved checkpoint. If that was also a mistake, doing it again will take you to the last one you actually saved.
5. Chat-able console commands added for listen servers(/sv_gravity 500, etc). This is disabled during demo recording to avoid console command exploits. Lets not cheat, mmkay.
6. End timer annoucements tweaked.
7. Pause reduced to a single button, say command /kz_pause, or console command kz_pause and you are frozen during this time along with your timer.
8. Customise Climber interface has been redone with many additions.
9. Checkpoints now have sounds for saving and teleporting and are client side only to avoid spamming.
10. Maps can have bunny hop and surf conditions loaded with the map by using a config file in the cfg folder named after the .bsp; ie. kz_surf_coolmapname.bsp.cfg(also preset map timelimits for small maps like bhops.)
11. Added widescreen menu background support.
12. Menu backgrounds are randomized. 7 different ones.
13. Spray logo support added with a default KZ logo.
14. Multilanguage support added for translaters.
15. Watersplash effects have been added.
16. Steam Friends support added.
17. Little visual helpers have been added in Spectator Mode so you can see how a player makes his jumps. The buttons are displayed around the crosshair. This can be turned on and off as well. Hosts of listen servers will not see it.
18. The game will remember your model and crosshair settings in the config file.

Official Map Additions:

kz_mix_sickness SF; Surf, Jump, Bungee, LJ
kz_surfcrazy SF; Surf only
kz_cityswingers SF & Kaos; Bungee, Surf, LJ, Jump
kz_quadrathon SF; Bungee, Hovercraft, Jump, Surf
kz_bhop_kashgar s0liD & SF; Bunnyhop only
kz_caulis Millet; Jump only
kz_cmfrb Ovi; Jump, Surf, Bungee
kz_mix_piraraa Greyfox; Surf, Jump, Death-trap
kz_cube MuLoO; Jump, Bungee

VMF sample: kzmod_entity_tutorial.vmf

Corrections for Beta1 Maps:

kz_cellblock (teleporting,fps)
kz_metro (teleporting, lighting, fps)
kz_brooklyn (fps, teleporting, LJ ShortCut)
kz_crate_delight (major bhop ShortCut, Rewards)
kz_caverns_deep (major surf ShortCut)
kz_refinery_east (model problems, teleporting)
kz_refinery_ez (see refinery_east))
kz_cathedral (major surf ShortCut, texture problem)

Official Model Additions:

Winter Climber, includes 3 different colors.

New Cvars:

1. sv_checklimit xxx set the amount of allowed checkpoints for that particular server. 250 checkpoints allowed max.
2. sv_bhop 1/0 loads/unloads special Bhopping movement.
3. sv_surf 1/0 loads/unloads special Surfing settings.
All 3 of the above will display their values in the bottom right corner of the scoreboard.
4. sv_splashes 1/0 will turn on/off water splashes for the chance that they cause too much lag an any server. Set to 0 the player will still see his own splashes, but not those of other players.
5. kz_spec_helpers 1/0 will turn on/off the Spectator Mode visual Helpers.
6. sv_checkeffects 1/0 will turn on/off the checkpoint effects.
7. sv_allowchecks 1/0 will turn on/off the ability to set checkpoints.
8. cl_drawotherplayers 1/0 will tunr on/off being able to see other players(for annoying fat simpson models in your face)

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Can't ****** wait!

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Congrats soulfather, after i read that u lost your files, i thought that was about it for the mod. Glad to see that you picked it back up, sorry i wasnt there to support afterwards.

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Going to try out when it comes out, heard of lot of good things about this mod, but I'm holding untill beta2 comes out.

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Weeeeee! :D

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