Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-type, 3D-First Person View game where the player attempts jumping and 17 other disciplines like shooting flare targets, racing vehicles, surfing, bungee, bunnyhop, longjump, or sliderace until he/she reaches the top (or end) of any given environment. In Kreedz Climbing no map is the same and can vary with any combination of these skills. It's a race against time and against other players with any discipline in the game.

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The culmination of several years of community spirit, KZMOD is all about reaching the top of a map - not the top of a scoreboard. We spoke to design lead SoUlFaThEr to see exactly what you can expect from his unusual project...

Posted by Varsity on Dec 11th, 2005

Kreedz Climbing has few things is common with other mods. If you tried to list the similarities you might end up with the first-person viewpoint, textured surfaces, and not much else: the culmination of several years of community spirit, KZMOD is all about reaching the top of a map and not the top of a scoreboard. That itchy trigger finger will get you nowhere!

Intrigued, we jumped to it and spoke to design lead SoUlFaThEr about exactly what to expect from his unusual project...

Let’s kick things off. Who are you, and what do you do for KZMOD?

My name is Tim "SoUlFaThEr" Lippert and I am from the USA but live in Germany and am 35 years old. I am the project leader, 2D texture artist, and lead level designer of Kreedz-Climbing/KZMOD. I am also an Admin in the climbing community as a whole. In Kreedz' absence I help with some of the decision making on certain issues: we recently consolidated 3 of the English-only climbing websites into for example, which is now the main portal for the English CS 1.6 scene (there are also websites and IRC channels for France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Poland and possibly others!). remains to promote KZMOD itself.

Sounds like KZMOD has a bit of history about it. Where did the idea come from? And when?

This unique concept was not created by me. It was thought of by Kreedz, hence the name Kreedz Climbing. A few years back he was jumping around in some Counter-Strike standard maps and got the idea of a map with only jumps in it and that's how it began. Kreedz maps have become a pretty big thing considering that it was a mod inside a mod for about 3 years. I am simply one of the mappers that came along one day to find it and after a while I decided it needed to be its own game and I began searching for a team to make it happen on the Source engine.

 kz_cookbook  kz_cellblock

What happens once you’ve beaten every map a few times? Is there any playability past that point?

First of all, there will always be new maps as long as I am alive (and from my soulmate mapper Millet too!), and there are many many other interested mappers waiting for its release.

The central challenge for each KZMOD map is the amount of time it takes you to complete it. Each map has at least one Timer, and many have more than two (for different routes or for minimaps within the map). If you have completed the map in 10 minutes, maybe you can really make it in 9, or even less. Since there are many jumpers, the arena for competition is quite big. "Am I the fastest one on this map?". Today yes, but tomorrow maybe not. Players will send in demos of their runs through a map where the timer shows his final time. If you successfully completed the demo with standard settings, this demo is placed in the list for download with your fastest time (World Record). The re-playability is then quite high if someone comes along and beats your time.

We also have "cups" to promote replayability. Cups are tournaments with different sets of rules, presently run only with the CS 1.6 maps through our main mIRC channels with special plugins. I think we can easily work this plugin to function with the MOD as well.
Later I hope to have a tournament mode (like Ricochet's Arena maps) integrated into the game that will send statistics directly to a website to help us keep track of the top players. I only need to find the person who can program that! If I do find this person, the concept of the game will be complete.

Do Source’s physics play a part in the mod at all?

They do not play a "big" role at this point. One of my mottos is "too much of a good thing is bad". My biggest need for the mod is that the maps are playable for everyone, so they are not yet completely filled with high amounts of bumpmapped detail and physics things. It will take some time yet for most of us to raise enough money to get the computer that is necessary to run Source at its fullest capacity. Until this day I think it is best for this mod to run very smoothly on the average machine. When I notice people are all updated with better equipment, we can begin to go crazy with the bumpmapping textures and physics traps and fun stuff like domino maps with the func_physbox without having major FPS hits, lagspikes, and other bad things that you might find right now on those beautiful CS Source maps. I am paying close attention to the comments of this KZ community and about how they feel about the Source engine. I think once they see how playable these Kreedz Climbing maps are, they will change their minds about how good it really is.

What does the Climbing Tool 'weapon' do?

The tool is used to break the breakables that might be found in the maps. Other than that, since this mod is non-violent and it is not possible to die, they have no other purpose at this point. To make it more interesting to have them at all, there will be a larger array of player models and "tools" and you can interchange however you like. I welcome any modeller who thinks this game has a cool concept and has the desire to make something for us other than M4A1 Colts and uniformed anti-terrorist models. I have a lot of very interesting ideas to fill these model slots. As an example a ninja with a sword is being made as we speak just for some fun.

I hear you’ve had coder problems.

Yes we have had some problems with unreliable programmers. Most of them said yes they would work on it and did nothing, some of them tried something and didn't finish it, so I am presently sitting on a few DLL's that were made by 2 different people who have left without finishing. I am happy to say that Lord_Draco, a super nice guy, who is also working on Battle Grounds 2 and PD Source, has come back to us recently and will help us fix the movement code he made and will be preparing the rest of the small checklist of things to do for a release. This is very good news because at the beginning he wasn't experienced with Source programming and now knows a lot more. I think he will stay this time.

kz_man_madness2 kz_karnak

What should mappers know before attempting a KZMOD map?

I would say that it is best to learn how jump a little bit first. Learn how to strafe, learn how to long jump. Then the rest is taking that what you know (Hammer and the Source engine) and making a nice jump route through a map. There are absolutely no guidelines to KZMOD maps pertaining to appearance (or to 1.6 maps for that matter). As in the info about the game, the map can look how ever you want it to look. There is much more creative freedom in our mod than almost any mod out there. One thing is true for all MODS though: The better it looks and plays, the more it will appear on servers. One advice I can offer would be to avoid bumpmapped textures and a lot of physics tricks because they lag most players at this time.

Do you have a release date estimate?

Since Lord_Draco's return we have accomplished quite a few things. We are really hoping for a Christmas 2005 BETA release. I cannot promise this but, we have one working player model with a tool, and 13 completed maps, 10 of which I made myself. For a first release, this is much more maps than most mods can offer because usually programmers are waiting for mappers, but in our case it seems to be the other way around! Keep your fingers crossed!

Any final thoughts?

Kreedz Climbing is a unique game. Simply put, it's gamer vs. gravity. It is also the first First Person Shooter that is non-violent...because gaming needed a change.

Thanks for taking part!

Gladly, and thanks for this interview!

For more information about Kreedz Climbing visit its mod profile here at ModDB, or official website at You can also visit the main climbing community website at

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methy Dec 15 2005 says:

Very nice looking, and good to see some uniquity in modding every now and again.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MasterChopChop Dec 15 2005 says:

looks interesting and i am definitely looking forward to it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
imagica Dec 17 2005 says:

I'll get this when it comes out, looks good.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nzMM Dec 19 2005 says:

Yep looks cool. Im tempted to try Hammer, with one of these maps in mind ... i like the idea of trying something with an aesthetic along the lines of Darwinia. Could be cool.

+1 vote     reply to comment
-SoUlFaThEr- Creator
-SoUlFaThEr- Dec 19 2005 says:

Thats the neat thing about this have total creative freedom. the map can look like anything you want it to....the most important thing is that the jump route is interesting :)

Darwinia is more on flat ground with hills maybe and doesnt really go high up so far that ive seen but that doesnt matter....the map can still have that interesting look!

It would seem that a christmas release is maybe 1 week too early.....finishing touches seem to add up as it is usually with programming. im definately seeing january as a release window.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Varsity Author
Varsity Dec 19 2005 says:

I'm waiting on a M. C. Escher map, myself. :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Greek Dec 21 2005 says:

yea me and my friend are gonna make a person model guy
the idea of ninja was tempting but im thinking more aquaman

+1 vote     reply to comment
Skapone Dec 25 2005 says:

but please make some oldsql stuff like terablock, gigablock etc. this would be great. and i hope the movement will feel the same like in 1.6. because i dont want to learn multistrafes and duckjumps again. :>

+1 vote     reply to comment
-SoUlFaThEr- Creator
-SoUlFaThEr- Dec 27 2005 says:

those things are the same almost.....our strafing is more amplified slightly......there are no real headblocking duckjumps because of the ragdoll have to make sure you jump out when your head is definately out of the "door". Bhopping is a bit easier and also a little bit different at this point than it was 1.6. Until we figure out how to get the model animation for floating in the air fixed, you will notice the need to duck more often than in 1.6 to land on certain things.

the only real block map we have is cellblock, in its source version with more excitement than in the 1.6 version of Millets map.

There are many mini maps in each least 2 mostly, and many of them fall out like little block maps sometimes.

We have yet to make a pure blockmap like what you mentioned because they sort of look ugly. I will say that Tipii is working ona aniteresting space map thats pretty much a block map. what are giga and tera to you? explain what it is about them that you woulod like to see here and maybe i can work on one. i just finished the kz_fortress map and have some time while we wait for the coder to do his thing.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Skapone Dec 27 2005 says:

i think they were simply the most popular maps in 1.6! ^^

correct me if i'm wrong =>

+1 vote     reply to comment
-SoUlFaThEr- Creator
-SoUlFaThEr- Jan 11 2006 says:

i can now correct myself, due to a good update in the duck movement..we have the headblockers back and they work as they did in 1.6 :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
cambragol Feb 10 2006 says:

Glad to see that your mod is shaping up so nicely Fathersoul....Some of those new screenshots are quite impressive! I never saw any like that in the batch you sent my way back. PS this is Khekar...heh. Check out my mod at or on the database at Torn Stars

+1 vote     reply to comment
mc_fame Apr 20 2006 says: 0 votes     reply to comment
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