www.facebook.com/kotorultimatemod When this modification is complete it will improve all the graphics in-game, by replacing all textures, models and effects and so on. STILL WORK IN PROGRESS!!

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in two words "DAMN AWESOME!!!" this will get me the motivation to play the game again.


flaj says

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This is indoubtly a smart mod to make. KOTOR Ultimate is just the beginning of a bigger project but it is surely interesting to see where this is going, it has already shaped up to be a very nice addition to the vanilla game.

Lets just hope the modding community takes this as a lesson to not only mod mount and blade - but Kotor aswell! With the new Obisidan Entertainment Star Wars RPG being announced soon, this mod really made my day!

With greater graphics and lightning FX, Kotor have never looked better. The few issues at hand has already been percepted and analyzed by the creator (thunder3) and he says they will be fixed in the next update, splendid!


This mod is still incomplete but for what we have for now I can say that it is great. The graphics are retextured in the smallest detail. Is like the rebirth of kotor1 in hd. I can say just one thing. Keep up the good work. We're all waitinig for the full version of the mod.


myxale says

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A solid re-tex.
That retains the original feel, but brings KOTOR into 2012.


I have to say, the new textures look absolutely gorgeous. Though this is not a mod that one might categorize as "must have", it is still strongly recommended.


Just an amazing, high-quality mod. The mod's craftsmanship and care into developing the new features, textures, models, and more is that of a professional grade quality, and is rare to see this type of work in a normal KOTOR mod. Very nicely done Thunder.

Dedication to continue modding such an old classic game deserves thunderous claps. Making the game looks much more beautiful and more acceptable to the eyes (by today standard) completes the score.

Kotor I & II were two the best games of my childhood. I'd love to see them revived!


Flash. says

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Best KotOR texture pack so far. I like how close these new textures are to the original, improving on quality but not changing the feeling of the locations.


Great mod and is only going to get better and better with time.

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in two words "DAMN AWESOME!!!" this will get me the motivation to play the game again.

Apr 25 2011 by darthmalgus