KKND2:Carnage is a mod to KKND2:KROSSFIRE, making game more dynamic, realistic (how many series from machine gun can that guy take??), bloody, etc. Mod adds 5 new units.

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Cool mod for nice oldest game) Thanks for modding this game. =)


LioAstr says

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Good MOD for a good old game.


Bearer-of-Vegvisir says

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Short for (sic) Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy, the KKND series of games was a series of humorous post-apocalyptic real-time strategy game produced by Melbourne House, an Australian games studio. This game of never-ending war between the Survivors, your Enclave-type bunch of gung-ho humans, the freakishly mutated Evolved, and the Series 9, a group of robotic farmer Joe types turned berserkers deciding to reap a very different kind of harvest in revenge for their crops being destroyed. This mod, KKND 2: Carnage, takes the tried-and-tested gameplay of the original, and refines the game to better take advantage of modern systems, as well as do away with in-game restrictions that, while were necessary back in 1998, are just a dang hindrance now. The economy in terms of oil extraction has been improved, with oil rig units and oil tanker units now buildable at the start of the game - a welcome addition, among others, in this excellent mod for a venerable, classic game.


REDsWINGer says

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Funtastic!!! Well Done


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