Kill the King (KtK) is a new mod which changes the Call of Duty 4 experience dramatically by dividing teams in two groups - assassins and guardians. At first, one lone assassin must strive to kill the king - whilst dodging the guardians. Killing a guardian will respawn him as an assassin, who can then help to kill the King.

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The best mod I've ever played. Keep up your good work.
Thank you for Kill the King Viking : D.


Very unique mod, it's very well designed and haven't found any bugs.
Gameplay is really fun, everyone who has CoD4 should try it :)

Really nice Mod and fun to play, totally unique in cod4. Has some very interesting features. 10/10

ur mods is awesome :D

mit der beste mod :)

Good,nice but...where are the bots?

Amazing mod. Nuffsaid

Just great fun :D


Kelvin98 says

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Really Good Developed Mod. To The Kill streaks To The Characters. I Dont Know If this Is A Bug But Dog Trying To Jump Over A Window Sometimes Kill Yourself And Never Makes It Over. Turn Of Keycode Thing :) As Well. Keep Up All The Updates Man!


Awesome fun with friends :D

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