Jurassic Rage III mutator turns hunters into the hunted. Packs of hungry dinosaurs roam the battlefield, looking for anything they can gnaw on. Whatever are your objectives, stay sharp soldier!

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This time the raptors are not alone! The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex has joined the battle and is thirsty for blood. Keep a watchful eye out as these gigantic beasts are not messing around.

Posted by neai on Oct 21st, 2008

Also available is a DVD Cover image that you can download, print out, and place in a DVD case and have your very own boxed edition of Jurassic Rage. Download Here. Be sure to print at 300dpi so you get the highest quality available.

Jurassic Rage III DVD Cover


- Rex changes:
* Ragdoll optimized for better performance
* Walking anim play rate increased
* Walking speed decreased
* Skin no longer becomes desaturated when viewing from distance
* Decreased spawn rate
* 25% bigger
* Mutator config
* Spawn rate reduced to 1 per 8 players or 4 vehicles
- Raptor changes:
* Visual glitches on PS3 should be fixed
* Better looking shaders
* Hit effect overlays just like on UT3 player models
* Ragdoll optimized for better performance
* Straightens up a little when facing obstacles
* When switching to ragdoll, old collision gets disabled properly
* Damage reduced by 30% in response to increased aggresiveness up close
- Other changes
* Dinos avoid spawning close to players
* Config menu is more accurate and easier to understand
* With spawn rate equal 0 dinos are spawned once per game only
* Optimized code for lower CPU usage

(MSUC release)
- Tyrannosaurus Rex added as new mutator
- Raptor changes:
* Jump lean while attacking
* Anim poses for moving in various directions
* No longer clips into player
* Backwards and strafe speed reduced
* Tweaked player immobilization, now it alows player to fall freely and struggle in other directions a bit
* Don't get stuck on each other
* More accurate attack hit detection
* Leap attack attempts to land straight on predicted enemy position, dealing damage on impact
* Ragdoll optimized for better performance
* Being hit by vehicle doesn't cause instant death everytime
* Being hit by vehicle may knock out (ragdoll) Raptor without killing him
* Raptors don't kill each other accidentially
* Challenge and idle sounds are played less often and more randomly
- Other changes:
* Other bots react faster to dinos going after them
* Low flying vehicles will be attacked by dinos
* Shaders tweaked

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stenchy Oct 21 2008 says:

Haha, that pic of the T-Rex on its back just cracks me up. Great work guys!

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daneco Oct 21 2008 replied:

It looks like is laughing. :P

Great work with the mutator, it makes me sad that my pc can't handle Unreal III. :|

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AlCool Oct 21 2008 says:

Its really fun but the T-rex is small...

Also he seems weak, like he dies from barely any shots.

Great models, they look menecing, specially on jungle style maps :D.
T-rex should be able to pick you up and shake u or eat you :D

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M@ty Oct 21 2008 replied:

Ifyou configure the mutator you can give the rex more health and more hit damage. =]

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neai Author
neai Oct 21 2008 replied:

T-Rex is baby-sized indeed. Once we have bigger ones we'd like to make them all capable of catching and flipping easily smaller vehicles, toying with people or just plain crushing them :)

The health is bugged unfortunately, but new version should be available soon.

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GiantOtaku Oct 21 2008 says:

I loved it! couldnt get t-rex to work, probly cause im stupid, but seeing raptors running around attacking people... priceless

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neai Author
neai Oct 21 2008 replied:

If you added the "Jurassic Rage: T-Rex" mutator, they should show up on maps with a bunch of people/bots (8+) and vehicle spawners (4+), such as WAR-Torlan or WAR-Tropico (the one in screenshots). You can change the dinos-to-players ratio in mutator configuration screen. To verify that they spawn you can use the VIEWCLASS JRREX console command to spectate them. Use VIEWSELF to switch camera back to yourself.

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metatronstar Oct 21 2008 says:

This still has the issue for the ps3 yet when they get farrer away the correct colours appear....do you need screenshots? its still fun just takes from the immersiveness i like the new animations though and the physx body on the trex

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neai Author
neai Oct 21 2008 replied:

Yes, please.

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ambershee Oct 21 2008 says:

Is there any intention of making this into a more fully fledged mod, or will it remain a mutator experience :)?

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neai Author
neai Oct 21 2008 replied:

Both. Keeping it as mutator compatible with as many mods and gametypes as possible, and adding some new gametypes on our own.

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Bobes Oct 21 2008 says:

You should write on the cover:"OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!" xD

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neai Author
neai Oct 21 2008 says:

Jurassic Rage v85 has been released. It fixes the T-Rex health bug, Raptor vehicle bug, and allows more configuration for T-Rex. Enjoy!

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stenchy Oct 22 2008 replied:

T-Rex is definitely more formidable now.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Oct 22 2008 says:

This is looking pretty good, glad to see it took on its own ideas :D Should get UT3 out again, been a while. Good luck guys.

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