Enter the mind of Filip Valkas, who lost his parents in the Seven Hour War, and take your revenge on your Combine captors in a new story centred on the Half-Life Universe. Pick up your own crowbar and force your way out of Citizen Containment Zone 19, and lead in the uprising against the alien agressors.

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EmoLevelDesigner says

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The beginning of this mod is unusual - we ride in the prisoner pod through some Combine buildings. Then we see a window and understand that we are in the Citadel.

A story twist - and we are resting on the sofa in the comfortable flat, but there's no time for resting, because CPs are getting close, so we have to retreat to the old church.

The design is excellent. We are in some unknown city, and while in general everything is very similar to Half-Life 2, there are many unique details. The elements of Half-Life 2 are skillfully combined with originality. There are some admirable little details which are a little scary: we hear hits in the door, open it, and - phew! - the CP's are knocking into another door, not ours! We break the wooden door and see a zombie on the other side who helped us break it.

It's too bad that the new dialogues don't have subtitles: it's hard to understand them, especially when speech is drowned by loud sounds.

There is some originality in the gameplay, too. The battle with antlion guard is something that I've never seen before.

In the end we'll have a glimpse on fantastic original location. I hope we'll be able to run, jump and swim there in the future.

This mod has many familiar things, but they are done differently, so it's definitely worth playing.

Great level design and gameplay, but the cut-scenes were somewhat lacking.

Very atmospheric and detailed mod. It really adds to the HL lore. Fun gameplay and all-round fun to play.

Nice Job!


DarenDark says

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For a mod, this is a 9/10 for me.

The voice acting was top notch, and the visuals were very nicely done.
Great length and interesting puzzles.

The crane sequence needs a bit of work because it was a little hard to figure out what needed to be done. There was no visual cue that once the breaker box was switched on, that the crane switch would be functional.

Also, the hunter was ominous, but nothing ever came of it. You spent all that time on that beautiful section and didnt use it. a battle with the hunter there would have been great.

All in all, excellent work!

Impressive! I felt like these levels were made by Valve. Nice storyline similar to Route Kanal, nicely done locations. And it was quite difficult to finish it on Hard - there were very few med aids and I was always short on ammo. Had to play with care.


dark_stardragon says

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Loved this mod, as any mod that lets me drop into the HL2 universe again in one form or another (parts of a story). The level design was great, though it really stood out to me that the pod in the intro part was not traveling along the center of the rail, somehow too far to the side...

Only main thing that I noticed was that all the hidden or sleeping zombies were whining and groaning like when they are awake, as if having them playing dead was pointless if they were making so much noise.

good mod

I must say a ‘WOW!’ for the fantastic opening sequence. I know some people have moaned about its length and relevance to the mod, but I loved its depth of detail and the ability to look around on your journey into the bows of “The Citadel”. Here, captured and helpless Mr Valkas finds rescue of a sort in the job offer from the ‘Gman’ where we cut to a later point in his story.
The mod gets going with a wander off to church where the going gets darker. Textures are very good and the eerie sounds set a sombre mood in the dankness. Combat is straightforward and relatively easy, even with the wretched “antlions”, but medpacks seemed few. The two ‘Hunters’ I saw were no problemJ
Overall sound and visuals were ace and the gameplay interesting and enjoyable. Some light puzzle work also added to the fun.
The crane-house section stood out for me, as it was visually stunning. Great textures, water reflection and shadows made for great atmosphere. Watching the ‘poison antlions’ from behind the armoured glass of the crane control room was a hoot. They were going ballistic outside while the man I’d just freed kept telling me to duck! Then I fell off the crane three timesL
Ending at the ‘airboat’ station was a good way to end this chapter, with a snooze and a chat with the ‘Gman’.
I loved this first chapter and eagerly await the second so I reckon it gets a ‘personal favourite’ from me.

to the point and not much combine or badies. loved the mapping and the voice acting was not bad at all

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