I've been making this mod for quite a while now. It's a humoristic mod for Deus Ex that was first just supposed to be practice and a... surprise for my bro, because I'm actually quite a beginner in making own DX stuff. But it turned out to be great fun making funny conversations and so I kept making this bigger. Now it has almost 20 npcs that you can talk with and have fun. Remember Malkavian mod? Did it make you laugh? Well then my mod may also do that! Note that this mod is not complete, it's not so big yet. So far I would call this maybe v0.30. I'm still making more missions to it and improving it when I have time, and I do have a lot of that now in summer. There will be lots of stuff more in future. So, go ahead have a lot of fun, wandering in the humoristic world of JC Denton!

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Still working on it

Still working on it

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Hey mod lovers! I'm still making this mod, but not constantly. I'll make more things to the mod, something else that don't exist in it yet...

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