I've been making this mod for quite a while now. It's a humoristic mod for Deus Ex that was first just supposed to be practice and a... surprise for my bro, because I'm actually quite a beginner in making own DX stuff. But it turned out to be great fun making funny conversations and so I kept making this bigger. Now it has almost 20 npcs that you can talk with and have fun. Remember Malkavian mod? Did it make you laugh? Well then my mod may also do that! Note that this mod is not complete, it's not so big yet. So far I would call this maybe v0.30. I'm still making more missions to it and improving it when I have time, and I do have a lot of that now in summer. There will be lots of stuff more in future. So, go ahead have a lot of fun, wandering in the humoristic world of JC Denton!

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Awesome this is a great start for you, if you have an audio editor though you could try to make the silent parts completely silent then you can have their lips move,



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Hahahaha! Very good humor story! But too short! :)

It's really funny. A bit like Malkavian Mod, and by "a bit" I mean "a crapload". There needs to be more mods like this, in my opinion there aren't enough of the comedy mods. This is worth a download.


The mod's pretty fun! It's nice it has voice acting in it.
The characters don't move their lips as they should, though?
But otherwise it's nice from a new mod maker, I think!
Please make more missions!

The mod was absolutly TERRIBLE. Given the fact that i've only played one other Deus Ex mod, and it was good, i expected the others, such as this, to be at least somewhat good. The sad truth is, BAD voice actors of JC, and others, which make them sound like an either French, Russian, or Mentally challenged person attempted to hold their own while saying their lines. Not to mention either, if you can manage to get past the Ear-hurting of the terrible voices, your met with the outright fact that NONE of the dilogue is funny, or at all comical. ( Doggy: You see that cat over there? I asked him a simple mathematics question and he answered it wrong! what an idiot). In what country, or mindset, would that EVER be consitered at all comical, is beyond me.
Lastly, the mod is short, the voice acting is TERRIBLE, it is NOT funny in any way, shape, or form. And sadly, the voice acting is not even Laughibly bad, like the origional Resident Evil, this acting is just flat out TERRIBLE.
Im sad, and apolagize for the makers of this "modification", because this mod is truely one of the biggest piles of crap since the mod "BOOM" for Half Life 1.
I Rated the mod 1/10, and im VERY curious as to who the 2 others were ( lets see...the makers probably?) who voted this Pile of crap as a 10/10.


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