Iris is a prototype that only exists to demonstrate a specific game concept. There hasn't been a lot of optimization and polishing, so please be gentle :) What is this game? The game is an adventure game in which you control a woman in a world where something is totally wrong. Our heroine has a special ability that allows her to jump back to her childhood. In order to solve the main mystery you will have to explore this special ability to solve a number of puzzles. Why create this game? There was a time when adventure games ruled the PC market. As computer hardware was improved more action-oriented games were released and today the amount of new adventure games on the market is extremely low. This genre has brought lots and lots of hours of fun to almost everyone playing PC games in the 1990's and we find it unlikely that the current generation of gamers is so different from our generation that they won't get fascinated by an adventure game that doesn't have the 'action'...

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Iris installer

9 years ago Full Version 3 comments

Iris Prototype 1.0 Setup: This game is a Half-Life 2 modification. That means that Steam and Half-Life 2 must be preinstalled for this game to run. Steam...

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