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Stalkers, you want to travel in a open Zone. This freeplay mod is for you. I use two greatest mods as base, the FreePlayStart by Xiani and the Stalker Map Pack by Kostyan et al. This mod add new spawn in empty levels, modify level geometry for few levels and add news ones. And more features are coming...Now, your Zone is extended and it is coming to life.

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This is my first demo for Into The Zone mod. This one include a single level where you can walk and explore this little area. Please, report me all CTD or defect about geometry, spawn, ai. Finally, all comments (positive or negative) will be welcome. Have a lot of fun!

ITZ Depository Demo
Borovos Author

Hello guys,

I updated readme. After test, game with 1.0004, 1.0005 or 1.0006 are okay.

I see 17 downloads, what do you say?


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I think the level looks too much like an MP level.
There are no good level borders, streets end up in nowhere.
The camp itself seem to be shuffled together.
For some MP action it surely will be ok, but IMHO it doesn't fit into the single player.

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Borovos Author


Thk for your answer. I understand that you say.

Level border are very bad, i think add more trees, bushes and stones to hide it.
About streets end, maybe can i add gate object to hide it.
If i make it, i need to add fences around level.

About camp, i had two idea:
First, use this close area to create a hard gun fight zone (as rostok, with a lot of mutant as bloodsuckers...).
Second, use it to create a stalker base.

I don't decide yet if i use this level or not.
I'm waiting more comments.

Finally, maybe could I work on Max to increase level terrain and correct border. I don't know.

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Well, if you change it to a base, like the bar and add some good borders it would look very different.
With all maps you had listed we need more nice places for a drink and a nap just like the bar.
For a place like that, it would surely be nice.

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Downloading now, i ll report soon as i test it :)

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You outdone your self Borovos, map is soo much good, atmosphere is so Stalker alike, very good.
I think u should leave this map as it is , mutants roaming around and few stalkers exploring or sitting near camp fire. I really enjoyed exploring your map :)

Ahah nice, it was surprise :D

A little reward after this deathtrap awaits :)

Did they fight to death :P

A little bug on windows of cockpit of helicopter?

All in all very good , and about boundaries of map u should just put hill or gates covering the view to end of the map :)

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Borovos Author


You're on the good way. I want to spawn a good reward on the death stalker. For that, i need only to edit loot files. It's easy but i didn't take time when i release demo.
Thk for screens.

About cockpit, i don't understand. I need search and correct it.

So, two thing are certain. First, i'll add gates and fences. Second, i'll add stalkers.
But i need more opinion. Please guys (38 download and just two responses)!
What do you want? A base in this map? Or it's good like that?

Finally, did you found single stash with obokan and ammo (not ak74u with ammo in military camp)?
As map is short, i think add two or three stash, not more.

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Hey i haven't found Abakan stash, i searched all buildings but no luck.
Looks like u hid it pretty well :)

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Borovos Author

Not in a building. Search in border of the map, in a death area.

And it isn't a stash as in SoC or CS, not in a box or a safe.
It's as CoP stashes.

Maybe did you found the scope in building area? This one is easier.

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Yea found scope and ammo and even went to buildings where there is no way to get to the roof of them. Had to jump from other buildings :)

I ll look for abakan soon.

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