Insurgency is here! Modern Infantry Combat on Valve's Source Engine. Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion of Half-Life 2 focused on tactical gameplay.

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The current version of Insurgency is ready to receive a substantial update through Steam in the following days. This update provides performance improvements and addresses a number of reported bugs and exploits. 6 updated versions of its maps have also been included, and there's more to come in the following weeks!

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Hello everyone!

A substantial update for Insurgency 2.x (the current version available on Steam) is ready to be deployed. Please find the detailed changelog below. This update addresses many important issues and provides updated versions of some of the most popular maps.

Other maps (not mentioned below) are also being updated with your feedback, so you can expect new patches for them very soon.

Since INS is only available through Steam there's no need to keep the old version numbers. Therefore, you won't find "Insurgency 2.2" or "2.1 final". However, we will refer to the current public branch and its updates with the name "Insurgency Beta 2.x" to differentiate it from Insurgency Beta 3.0 (based on the Orange Box engine and currently under development).

This update will be automatically downloaded and installed by Steam in the following days. Enjoy the battle!

General updates and fixes:

  • Updated Client/Server Version Control
  • Adjusted gameinfo.txt support for Hammer
  • Fix for spectator GUI bug
  • Fixed ins_minefield
  • Fixed the ins_trigger team option and also added a setteam input
  • Fixed ins_tkremove
  • Set game name in Server Browser "insurgency"
  • Fixed invalid/empty player name entries
  • Sprint multi-key exploit fixed
  • Further anticheat fixes - addressing several reported exploits
  • Optimised mp_fadetoblack
  • Entities now reset properly on round restart
  • Objectives in overhead map are now shown correctly
  • Fixed Battle Mode scoreboard
  • Fixed a crash when showing the minimap (M) on startup.
  • rcon say command implemented
  • Fixed an issue that caused the message for choosing commander to always stay on the screen
  • Fixed other minor glitches and bugs

Map Updates:


  • Objective A has been adjusted
  • Obstacles between the Mosque, the main street and the first USMC spawn were added to slow down the Insurgents on the way to A
  • Added a barrier (fences) that is removed after capturing A to force USMC players into the right direction
  • The entrance towards the "washing machine room" has been altered to provide more intense firefight
  • Other small fixes and layout changes based on the map feedback threads


  • Fixed all exploits and bugs reported since RC1
  • The sideroad route between USMC spawn and B has been altered
  • Added an alternate path between Bravo and Charlie
  • Improved penetration for wired fences
  • Improved graphics, brushwork and performance


  • Fixed scafolding model bullet penetration issue
  • Various small fixes based on the map feedback thread


  • Layout changes to the central cave, more cover to leave the Insurgents' spawn
  • New spawn exit for INS' last objective


  • Improved USMC spawn exit
  • Some layout changes


  • Added changes and improvements from ins_samawah


  • Improved volume for various player sounds such as breathing and footsteps
  • Added Supersonic bullet snaps when a bullet flies past the player
  • Improved reload and fire sounds for several weapons
  • Optimized some background ambient sounds

Other changes

  • Improved performance impact of vehicle models

Notice for server admins: please make sure your servers are set to auto update with the -autoupdate option to make sure they automatically update to the latest version. This will help prevent connection errors from updated clients that are likely to happen during the first hours after the update.

Please visit the official site of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat to get the full story!



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oh my, ois that a map thats not set in the deserets of thesameolddesertistan? my my, I might just have to start playing again :P

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Dr_Spielmann Author

feltorn -> the map you see on the image is ins_abdallah :) It has been there for quite some time already.

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Good to hear all of this. Keep up the great work.

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Those are good news. Nice job guys. Cheer up!!

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Clearly there's a conspiracy against you. ;)

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I used to have that exact same problem. Using the Steam version now though and the problem no longer affects me. I had such a hard time in their forums trying to get anyone to listen to me. I'm a games tester by trade and I left a fairly professional entry in the thread detailing the problem and how I had narrowed it down to that. I also PM'd one of the devs. They dismissed me right out of hand. I cannot believe people *still* have that problem and *still* they don't add a f*****g cancel button! Sheesh. It gets my blood boiling just remembering that problem!

PLEASE for the love of Craziestdan... ADD THAT BUTTON!

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Thanks, I wish these idiots would listen! But it's no prob, I only play games/mods where I know a good developer is behind it. I screwed these idiots' mod along time ago ^^

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RELOADENG !! for new release :)

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looks good but i have a question this is a fairly big update but not the 3.0 orange box? update sry for being confused.

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Dr_Spielmann Author

It's an update for the current public version, which is not the OB version.

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thanks cant wait for ob update though

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I gave this game a pretty harsh review a while ago, but once it was integrated into steam i decided to try it out again. somethings are vastly improved from the last time I played, and somethings have not even been touched. For example, the SVD scope still only has a lenses the size of a quarter *on a 19 inch screen at 1024X768*, although it has greater power and accuracy, and the recoil is greatly balanced since last time. The Enfield scoped bolt action for some reason has been reduced from a 1-2 shot killer to a 3-5 shot killer, that really annoys me because of the bolt action method, if anything at least make the bolt cycling faster. performance *FPS, Latency EC* are alot better. all the scope lenses are still to "dirty" I can understand the acog lenses bing dirty, but the scope lenses need to be cleaner, not sparkling clean, just cleaner. weapon balance it alot better, although the SKS is horrid now, its inaccurate Clumsy shooting cycle, under powered, and the sights have been "squished" in. also the M16 still has the problem of only playing a single gunshot sound on burst fire mode *although it will play 3 sometimes correctly*. but I also had a few models with a EO-tech holosight on them *ak74u and m16* and for some reason when I first ran the game it kept shutting down the game and popping up a window saying "Are you trying to cheat? :) please remove *what ever line* from *path to materials folder* glass.VMT" was this to make sure people don't try and exploit V Models in some way? If so, then I am totally supportive, but whats up with the comical warning box? Well thats all I got to say for now, I have actually started playing this again. Look for me in game under the name "Wilco".

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