"Mark," he whispered. "Go back to sleep. It will be over soon." Inquietude is a dark, twisted, and an emotional horror experience.

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FINALLY! Some gameplay footage edited to reduce (some) spoilers ;)
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defragen1 Sep 8 2012 says:

holy **** lol

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HankMiddleton Sep 8 2012 says:

wow o.o that looks really nice... you are doing a really good job over there ^^ keep it up man ;D

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Rus[T] Sep 8 2012 buried:


Slender reference :p? No seriously tough, this creeps me out so much..

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psykljudet Nov 23 2012 replied:


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{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 8 2012 says:

Not a big fan of the side to side headbobbing... when I am running my head bobs up and down and goes side to side a little bit, but this guy looks like he is >tilting< his head left and right rather than his head just moving left and right.

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Aresaka Sep 8 2012 replied:

I agree, and also its a lot slower than his running pace, so even if that was the case it still doesnt really make sense...

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic Sep 8 2012 replied:

I really appreciate you guys giving comments like this. It will really make Inquietude that much better. Thank you guys!

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fuygawkes Sep 8 2012 says:

Holy dogsh*t this is awesome! :O

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Mr.Walrus Sep 8 2012 says:

That gameplay is some of the scariest I've ever seen in source o_o for once, I actually like headbob, I think it greatly increases the intensity. Can't wait to play it!

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Kane1045 Sep 8 2012 says:

Omg, I can't imagine how scared I will be when playing this!

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Luigis_#1 Sep 8 2012 says:

VERY NICE! Kudos to both Brandon and Alfred on the work they put into this.

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Wfls Sep 8 2012 replied:

AND the mapper Wfls :(

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Luigis_#1 Sep 8 2012 replied:

and to you too Wfls ;)

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drakonboy1 Oct 25 2012 replied:

Yup definitely can't forget the mapper! :D Awesome work!

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AvagantamosTEON Sep 8 2012 says:

Looks really cool can't wait to try it :D

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GlitchKing Sep 8 2012 says:

God the way it sprints at you gives me the chills *shudder*

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deadrawkstar Sep 9 2012 says:

Lookin good! :D

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LuFer17 Sep 9 2012 says:

Wow, that guy scared the **** out of me!

Great trailer! Waiting for more updates :)

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Suitepee Sep 9 2012 says:

I'm seeing good and bad things from this teaser. The movement and the head bobbing added nicely to the feeling that the character was in a state of panic/fear, but the actual monster model chasing him didn't look scary in the slightest and looked kind of lacking generally. Voice-acting seemed ok. Hope the game contains scarier-looking monsters on release.

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic Sep 9 2012 replied:

I appreciate your concern buddy, and your comments are taken to heart.

The Manifest chasing him is very very straight forward and isn't that different from Mark himself. But at the same time, it doesn't need to look like the stalkers from dead space to be scary though. But that's just my opinion. If I saw another human being chasing me through a forest I'd be scared shitless. Especially once I said "Dad?" and it started running at me.

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Zaranell Sep 11 2012 replied:

I'd have to agree with you on this one. In this particular scenario, having a human chasing the player is scary because of all the questions it raises. Who are they? What are they doing here? Why are they hostile? Not knowing any of the answers is what creates fear. If it's an intelligent human being, that means they have to have some reason or motivation for attempting to kill you, and that's much scarier than a mindless monster.

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Ravebot Oct 1 2012 replied:

Though being able to see the model of the manifestation clearly kinda takes the feeling away. Maybe it will make your vision blur when you stare directly at it or something?

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WMan22 Nov 5 2012 replied:

I seriously think that the thing chasing after the main character is pretty scary. I mean, if it was just "Monster #12435432" it wouldnt be as scary, but a sihlouette that looks like a person chasing you is the stuff of actual nightmares.
You don't know why the sihlouette is chasing you, you just have the instinct to RUN THE **** AWAY from it. Because a human-like sihlouette chasing you for an unknown reason is much more frightening than some misshapen monster coming after you for the obvious reason that "It's a monster, by nature it kills people".

As for the view bobbing, yeah, i agree. The best way to simulate running in game is to do it yourself, then try and recreate it in game. Except when you're panicking, you would run at an extra speed than normal and have blurred vision. The world isn't really that clear when you're running away from something with an extreme adrenaline rush.

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Matexterminator Sep 9 2012 says:

So hype.

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Dune_Jumper Sep 16 2012 says:

Oh gosh, this is gonna be awesome.

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Dune_Jumper Sep 27 2012 says:

This is actually the first source game that has given me chills. And this is only the TRAILER.

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic Sep 28 2012 replied:

If only you knew buddy. ;)

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Beez-one Nov 10 2012 says:

Wait a second? Is this all in game footage?

Mother of god...

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Jonppa Dec 10 2012 says:


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FINALLY! Some gameplay footage edited to reduce (some) spoilers ;)

Sep 8th, 2012
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