"Mark," he whispered. "Go back to sleep. It will be over soon." Inquietude is a dark, twisted, and an emotional horror experience.

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic May 4 2013 says:

Well, I am in a safe and stable living situation now, and the first thing I did when I got here was make a couple songs, and then got back to work on Inquietude!

It feels good to be back. ♥

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[Tox(sic)] May 4 2013 replied:

I'm really happy for you, no lie.

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jack_viper May 8 2013 replied:

im happy you're back and stable :)
and nice trailer, i'm waiting for this release :D

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Dr_Tomorrow May 15 2013 replied:

I expected you to last in that "state" a little longer, since it actually is quite a problem, but well, te sooner the better

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Fidchell May 4 2013 buried:


Glad to know you're doing okay.

About the trailer, could you perhaps pull off something a little more creative than a siren or is just being used in the teaser?

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Theevina May 4 2013 replied:

Creative? This trailer was the most spectacular thing I've seen all week. Please shut up.

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Fidchell May 5 2013 buried:


You must be easily impressed. I didn't mean for any hostility, but your response is a little over the top.

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic May 4 2013 replied:

Oh, you know.. I should change it and be more creative.

How about, in a facility where when there's gas leaks and sirens go off, instead of a blaring siren, I could use Chuck Testa's "Nope" and loop it over and over and over.


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Fidchell May 5 2013 buried:


Good to know a bit of criticism is taken well here.

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic May 5 2013 replied:

Criticism is actually taken VERY well here. I understand your confusion but honestly the last place where I get my horror inspiration from is Silent Hill. We have a bit too many mods that are simply using the Silent Hill atmosphere as a crutch (WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING) It's just something that they use to amp their mod up better.

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Fidchell May 5 2013 replied:

I understand. I was only trying to emphasize my thought process upon seeing the trailer. No attacks intended, honest. :)

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic May 6 2013 replied:

I didn't take it as an attack for sure man. ♥

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Fidchell May 5 2013 buried:


Now I see what you mean with the gas leak and siren, however, the way you presented it in this trailer does not signify any sort of "facility" or "gas leak" and therefore led me to believe it was only used as a cheap way to simply frighten viewers because it reminds them of the Silent Hill series. The only thing that would've been missing would be some lame immolation effects on the textures in real time to reveal the otherworld.

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BadXFox May 5 2013 says:

It looks amazing.
This trailer was already creepy, can't wait to try it!

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Raygoza May 5 2013 says:

If anyone doens't mind my comment I have to say that people have been proven to generally be more creative when having some background noise when they work out ideas or simply think.

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Saint_Stan May 5 2013 says:


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NightCurse May 5 2013 says:

well not bad, hope it come out soon

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Rus[T] May 5 2013 says:

MyButtCheeksAreQuivering.wmv = Says it all. Welcome back BTW!

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djpc820 May 5 2013 says:

Cool video! Keep up the good work man! :)

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AvagantamosTEON May 5 2013 says:

Great to hear that you're back! The video was awesome might I add :)

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ChuckNrs May 6 2013 says:

I cannot wait for this.

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HoliestCow May 6 2013 says:

Im glad you're doing okay man! Im happy you're working on this again. This trailer is pretty spiffy, im really excited to see how this pans out. Good luck!

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Mkilbride May 7 2013 says:

All my friends are looking forward to this, and Underhell immensely.

I wish you both to release soon, but hey, quality takes time.

At least you're not like Mxthe, and released a "We're almost there" trailer, over a year ago LOL. (Not bashing the guy, I talk to him frequently, just saying that set some expectations)

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CreaseInTime May 7 2013 says:

Oh man, this looks absolutely spectacular. I cannot even tell you how pumped I am for this.

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BadXFox May 9 2013 says:

What the.

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LuFer17 May 12 2013 says:

Im so glad you are in a safe living situation!

You just made my day great :), good luck!

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MrSaturdayKnight May 14 2013 says:

God being the thought of something like a half naked man running at me is scary in itself. But is Inquietude going to have gameplay elements similar to amnesia? From the looks of this trailer it seems the play would be running a lot.

But keep up the good work.

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bXmMusic Author
bXmMusic May 15 2013 replied:

Hahaha imagine that. All you do is run; can you imagine Mark's thighs and calf muscles from running that much?

If I honestly was forced to make a comparison with a gun to my head I'd say it's more-so leaning towards a game like "White Day."

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