This is a mod for the Source Engine set in the meatgrinder of World War II. Hinging around epic player-controlled tank battles, tank escort and demolition maps with high degrees of destroyability throughout the maps. Gameplay will be more based on realism than the "run-and-gun" style of many Source based games, game-pla

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Anywhere [OLD] Vehicle Modeller required - Source WW2 mod at Infamy or Valour Mod Team

vehicle modeller required - source ww2 mod infamy or valour mod team anywhere level designers we are in need of a capable modeller that specializes in vehicles and possibly larger models such as cannon emplacements or radar arrays, etc. we are showcasing the talents of various people, environments are grand scale old world architecture and we need a prolific modeller that wants to make ww2 faction-specific vehicles. serious enquiries only, we need a self-starter/self-finisher for all of our projects. existing projects that are unreleased for other mods are desirable. apply at link - pm uberkirsche (admin).

Anywhere [OLD] Foliage Modeller required - Source Engine at Infamy or Valour Mod Team

foliage modeller required - source engine infamy or valour mod team anywhere level designers our team is in need of a modeller or two that is accomplished in making foliage models, including trees, hedges, bushes, potted plants etc. for our world war 2 mod of hl2 - many rural areas and general beautification/landscaping models are needed, a chance for a foliage artist to showcase their talents alongside of high-detailed, expansive and truly grand scale architectural environments - other foliage models needed may include unlitgeneric textured detail models for use in making ground texture/blend detail sprites. any gaming engine experience is acceptable(xsi, 3dsm, maya) however a knowledge of the reach and limitations of the source engine is preferred. lod model experience is a plus as we are striving for high detail without compromising optimization concerns.

Anywhere [OLD] Weapons modellers required - WW2 Source Mod at Infamy or Valour Mod Team

weapons modellers required - ww2 source mod infamy or valour mod team anywhere artists we are in need of a weapon modeller or two for our world war 2 hl2 orange box modification. initially we plan weapon load-outs for two factions (us, germany) with other faction's weapons later on once the extra teams are intoduced. uv unwrap ability and texture skills are a plus.

Anywhere [OLD] C++ Coder - Source Mod at Infamy or Valour Mod Team

c++ coder - source mod infamy or valour mod team anywhere programmers the infamy or valour mod team has need of someone familiar with coding for source mods. please apply at our mod team homepage and pm uberkirsche (mod administrator) to discuss the opening. view our current progress here; thanks

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