This is a mod for the Source Engine set in the meatgrinder of World War II. Hinging around epic player-controlled tank battles, tank escort and demolition maps with high degrees of destroyability throughout the maps. Gameplay will be more based on realism than the "run-and-gun" style of many Source based games, game-pla

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Level Designers

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Our team is in need of a modeller or two that is accomplished in making foliage models, including trees, hedges, bushes, potted plants etc. for our World War 2 mod of HL2 - many rural areas and general beautification/landscaping models are needed, a chance for a foliage artist to showcase their talents alongside of high-detailed, expansive and truly grand scale architectural environments - other foliage models needed may include UnlitGeneric textured detail models for use in making ground texture/blend detail sprites. Any gaming engine experience is acceptable(XSI, 3DSM, Maya) however a knowledge of the reach and limitations of the Source engine is preferred. LOD model experience is a plus as we are striving for high detail without compromising optimization concerns.

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apply at link above - PM uberkirsche (admin)

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