IW v2 is a overhauled version of the original IW. It holds little in common with the original as the 3 episodes that featured in it have been heavily updated. Plenty of new weapons have been added and there are 2 new episodes as well. One of these consists of maps made by the Duke Nukem community for both IW v1 and V2. The other episode is a much more story orientated episode with time travel and even has a choice of endings. Iw v2 uses Eduke32, an Enhanced version of JfDuke with much more coding control allowing fantastic effects. The port it is based on allows for models and high res textures which IW v2 takes full advantage of.

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AMC TC Released

AMC TC Released


Imagination World's sequel, featuring IW's protagonist, has just been released!

Imagination World Fan trailer

Imagination World Fan trailer

News 9 comments

An Imagination World fan by the name of Batipede has made a great fan trailer for IW; I was impressed and humbled by his work so I'm linking it here for...

IW v2 Release tommorow

IW v2 Release tommorow

News 2 comments

It's finally over - IWv2 will be released either today or tommorow, depending on how long it takes to upload. The final filesize will be 340mb , and it...

IW version 2 status update (It's ALIVE I tells ya)


IW v2 is not dead - I apologise for the very long space between posts. I've ported IW to Eduke32 which is a windows port of Eduke, meaning not only...

Iw update 12/03/04


I haven't updated this page in quite a while but IW is most certainly not dead - Check the image gallery to see 3 new shots and some fanart. Thanks for...

V1.1 Download Back up + New Content

News 1 comment

I've made quite a few large updates to the Imagination World Website, for Startes the main Download is backup with a new Version, V1.1 to be precise...

IW V1.1 in Progress


As you probably know, Iw's main file has been down for quite some time now. Rather than just uploading it with all the bugs it had, I'm working to fix...

Iw download down


Thanks to some stupid hacker, the website hosting IW has been deleted, including this. I'm searching for a replacement, so I apologise about the inconvinience...

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