A mod for the game Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb which increases difficulty of this rather easy game and also attempts to fix a few glitches ( while probably creating some other ones ^_^ ). Can you withstand the challenge or will evil forces of Nazi and Black Dragon Triads be victorious? Grab a whip, sharpen your reflexes, get some guts and survive!

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In the later levels, Indy has to face annoying zombies possessed by evil spirits. As you can see, bare fists are not too effective - zombies are quite agile.
Better use weapons - like PaCheng, the only weapon which can kill evil spirits that appear when their host body is destroyed.

Evil spirits themselves can hurt you a lot and the only one defense against them is magical shield created by PaCheng. But the shield lasts only for a brief time before players has to activate it again...

Terracotta soldiers are really foes to be afraid of. Bare fists strikes are asking for the grave, melee weapons are shattered by their swords, firearms are ineffective as well...
Yes, this is PaCheng only session ^_^. But even with it Indy cannot simply rush these animated statues - they will ground him with mighty sword strikes and finish with one deadly horizontal blow.
But of course there is a way how to deal with these enemies...


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