Starting out as an experiment in story telling, this itty bitty installment is a prelude to what will likely be more stories to come.

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Ignorant people don't have the patience for art in a simplistic design. It's not meant to be a ****** map meant for PewDie, it's unique in its atmosphere and people can't wrap their heads around it. Don't be mistaken by the reviews. For a short story, it has a better story than most of what is on the forums today.

And it is NOT MEANT TO BE SCARY. Don't give it a bad review because it wasn't all jumpscares and crappy mapping. I'm getting tired of all the great campaigns being neglected and all the pieces of **** getting all the attention. Get a brain, or don't comment. God damn.

Superb! This was piece of art.

I loved the story, it was mysterious and strange-I also missed the first piece of text but whatever.
It wasn't that scary-that is not true, it was very eerie at parts-I got shivers at "Icarus"- and the ending also.
The level design was amazing, it felt unique for me and I loved every bit of it.
The music was very nice and fit very well with the atmosphere.
It was too short, however it is a prelude so whatever. But as there is no news of an upcoming continuation I think it hurts the custom story, quite a bit.

That's it for me.

Very interesting. I can't wait to see how this developes.


Zaffre says

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I didn't expect much of a prelude, but this just tops it. The mapping was stunning, and the music fit well with the atmosphere. I know it wasn't about scaring, but that ending did get me. I don't understand why so many people dislike the map.

I will admit that I got confused at some parts. I died of the thorns because I thought that I was supposed to fill the glass jar with water from the basins, then touch the statue.

The only issue I had were some slightly misplaced objects. Otherwise, I loved it.


hfinity says

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I must confess even if this is just a freaking prelude to some story. There is no plot at all and nothing to do ecxept follow what the screen says. No puzzles, nothing. It has lots of texture bugs and other bugs, like for instance the poison stops working after death. The texture for the inventory is screwed up as well. Another thing is that you give no description for what the story is supposed to hold, neither here or in the description box for the story.

This mod needs way more work than what has already been done here.

It was really nice and i enjoyed it, but i rate 10 because of I think like the dev, CSes shouldn't be all about scaring, and because, that your custom content is freakin' awesome! how did u get them? or made them? didn't find tutorials on actually creating objects, and the music was a very good add to the astmosphere, which was great.

looking forward for your main piece of work :)

kind of tough to rate this one since its so short. its like a 5 minute play through, but that is to be expected since its a prelude.

its is definitely the most unique CS i've played so far. the atmoshpere and tone of the CS is very different from any CS ive ever tried. the five minute it took to complete left me wanting more.

short but beautiful

Short but perfect as the artwork it is! :)

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