The introduction of feral hogs into the province of Skyrim... Take up your bow and join the hunt in ridding the Holds of these invasive swine!

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A summary of recent work activity related to the mod in development.

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First version of the adult male is in-game working with placeholder rigging. I had to set the bristleback boneset aside and use the cow boneset. I was running into some "hiccups" using the bristleback boneset however the cow's proportions/animation set works well suprisingly. The cow animations for grazing, walking, and the head thrust attack which is usually used for the cows horns looks nice for the pigs attacking with tusks... So anyway for now I may just stick with this cow boneset :D

There are some slight positioning issues with the pigs tail, legs, ears being affected by other parts of the body moving but I should be able to solve this by slightly tweaking the positioning of the effected parts or manually changing the weights of certain bones to not affect unwanted areas of the model...

Come get some piggy...

I must say progress is steadily moving along. I should have a public beta ready in the next week or two featuring the adult male. There will most likely be spawn points setup throughout the holds for the adult males, as well as proper AI packages. Bellow are the AI packages to be hopefully included for the demo:

AI Packages

- Foraging (Dawn)

From around 04:30 to 07:00 adult males will wander from their nesting areas in search of food. They will be drawn to sources of water in their "territories".

- Nesting (Daytime)

During the daytime from around 07:00 to 19:30, adult males will seek refuge under the cover of the forests and low brush. Typically during this time they will be found to be resting/sleeping.

- Foraging (Dusk)
From the hours of 19:30 to 20:30 adult males will gather at local water sources as well as forage for food in surrounding areas.

- Foraging (Night)
Around 20:30 at night to 04:30 the next morning adult males will wander close/into local human settlements/farms looking for chickens and other small creatures to kill. It is to be expected they are looking for food. If there are no human settlements/farms in the territory of that particular pack/individual pig then they will simply wander and forage about their territory.

Some other small goodies I hope to have enough time to squeeze in for the public beta 0.1 but I will keep them as a suprise for now!


I really love it that you not only add a new species with gender and age system but that you also adda behaviour pattern! A questionnthough, will you add som kind of muspitts for the animals or even little lairs? Really looking forward to a release!

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Wilson_B Author

Hey hows it going? I think thats a great idea in regards to objects that can aid a hunter in locating an area that sees heavy pig activity. Going on the "to-add" list with credit to you SirTorgad.

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Glad to hear that you found a solution for the hogs' bonesets. It'd be a shame if players without Dragonborn could not experience the mod, and I never would've guessed that the cow boneset could work out so well.

Would future compatibility with SkyTest: Realistic Animals and Predators be a possibility?

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Wilson_B Author

With permission from the author(s) and enough community interest in a proposed patch, I would be glad to provide some compatibility patches for said mod(s).

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