This is a difficulty enhancement mod, it's possibly the hardest mod out there at the moment, it also contain a few other realism based changes.

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May 14th, 2012
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News: Finished a version for D2 1.10 final. Hell's Revenge is a Veteran's Mod. The three Prime Evils have united, and the Forces of Light are retreating swiftly. Too many Features to mention all (i'd forget about 25% anyway), but here are at least some of them: -Realistic Character, Monster and Item Stats -Hardest Game i know ;) -Diablo-1-Style Character Development -Completely rebalanced -New Runes based on a complete Language -Many Material-based Items, currently under development -"Normal" Difficulty only. It's hard enough anyway :p -All Quest Rewards are now useful -Magical Items are valuable; Rares, Sets and Uniques are really expensive -Realistic Drops for every Monster (under dev.)

You can read this at Phrozenkeep (

Hell's Revenge
Title: Hell's Revenge
Names: ShadowLord (Tim Rehberg).
Version: 1.10 final, Expansion (there are older versions of the mod available for 1.09d)
~ Story ~
(Short Version)
Diablo has defeated the Hero who tried to finally kill him. He obtained Mephisto's Soulgem and Revived his fallen Brother by letting him take posession of the Hero's Mind and Body - Just like Diablo himself did once.
Now the three Prime Evils are united. And they want Revenge.
(Note: Hell's Revenge describes the World after the Reunition of the Three)
~ Items ~
- Realistic Item stats (Damage, Durability, Speed etc.)
- New Uniques, Sets etc. (Uniques done, working on the Sets)
I took most of the 1.09 Standard Uniques and upgraded them, sometimes removing useless stats and sometimes just boosting Values.
I've also made a few ones completely from Scratch (that's what all Uniques will be in the final Version)
Crown of the Damned (former Undead Crown)
10 Charges lev 10 Skeletal Minion (or whatever this is called)
10 Charges lev 10 Skeletal Mage
(Note: This one's nice not only for Necros but also for everyone who needs some Blockers)
+42 to Strength
41% Crushing Blow
+80% Damage
These are Lo-Lev Items, the higher ones will of course have more (and more complex) Stats. I just wanted to get rid of these useless +1 Light +5 Attack Modifiers so the first Uniques are simple but stylish. (Well, at least i think they are)
- Armor works different now: Absorbs physical Damage but decreases AC (making it harder to avoid Attacks)
- Armor does also break much faster (less Dur), but won't have to repair a slightly damaged Item. Just wanted the little Monsters who don't do enough Damage to pierce your Armor to stand a Chance vs. Barb and Pala.
- Evil repair Costs for mag. and rare Items, so unless you're Hi-Lev, you'll have to choose your equipment carefully.
- Magical Modifiers improved(boosted), weak Modifiers cannot spawn on Rares any more.
- All items cost more Gold. Magical Stuff is now really expensive. Modified Shops so it's harder to get Mag. Stuff
- Item Stat costs increased.
- Modified Drop chances. Bosses don't force-drop Mag. Stuff anymore.
- Magical, Set, Rare and Unique items will seldom be dropped.
- New Gems
- Exceptional and Elite Items have been removed.
Planned Item Changes:
- More Gems, Base items
- Completely new Runewords
- Item Crafting System will be changed to a more User-Friendly Formula
- Will add more Stuff like Katanas and Armors from special Materials(Bone, special Ore and of course Adamantium) which can be crafted.
Conclusion: I've tried to make Magical Items and Rares more valuable. I don't want Lo-Lev Players to use Uniques or Sets. And I'm gonna Add some new interesting Stuff.
~ Skills ~
- Changed Skills to realistic Values (Damage an so on).
- Skills balanced, Lo-Lev Skills are now more useful
- Increased Mana costs
- Made old and useless Configs playable again. Example: Nec with Skeletons
Planned Skill Changes:
I'll replace some Skills with more useful ones. Who needs THREE different Ice Armor Skills? :) Possible Ideas (not sure if they will be implemented):
-Meteor Shower or Fire Rain: I think the Sorc needs a cross-screen Fire spell. Not just a Blizzard or Thunderstorm conversion but something that burns (and looks kewl).
-A Skill that unsummons Creatures (won't work in 1.09). Nice in PVP and vs Undead.
-A few new Minions, probably a Skill tu summon a Demon (Demons Rock in HR so it'll be a Mana-wasting Thing)
-Teleport will be a townspell
-Maybe i'll try to upgrade some Monster Skills like Burning Soul (A powerful Attack used by my Vampires) and give them to Players.
-Probably a (self-)healing spell for Sorc, Dru or Barb
-Maybe a Skill for throwing Potions
-Of course many new D1-Style "Bolt" Skills (No clear Concept yet).
~ Characters ~
- Stats changed to realistic Values ranging from 20 to 110 at Lev 1.
- Lev 1 Characters do now have 200 Stat Points in total.
- More Experience is needed for Lev-up.
- Chars are Re-Balanced.
- Because of the extreme Difficulty, more Character Configs are playable.
(Example: My Pala has a Bow in Slot 2 and frequently uses Holy Bolt)
- You do still get 5 Stat Points and 1 Skill Point per Level, but this might change.
Planned Changes:
More Char-Specific Items (Katana+Wazikashi+Tanto, Necro Daggers and Scythes(unique), Rune Traps like those from D1 Add-on(Sorc only)... )
~ Monsters ~
- Realistic Stats (Health, Damage, Resistance and Immunities)
- Upgraded some Monsters to hunt down specific Chars. For Example i take a Monster that is not that tough, give it some more melee Damage and incredible running Speed. That one's wont stand a chance vs melee Guys with fat Armor but can easily hunt down and Ama or Sorc.
- Added new monster Skills and Abilities.
- Some monsters are more specialized. For example i give a Monster some great Stats (incredible AC or powerful Spells), but tweak other Attributes.
Example: the squeaky, creepy Fetisch. Minimal Life, no Spells, no good Stats, but incredible Poison Damage.
- Added Resistances and Immunities to Player's Minions.
- Demons and Bosses are MUCH more powerful.
- Unused Monsters (like Quill Bears) have been enabled.
Planned Changes:
- completely new Monsters. (Dont like the Graphics i have, will make new ones)
~ Music, Graphics ~
coming soon :)
~ Website ~
My Webspace has too many Commercial Popup Banners, in don't dare to present that.
I'm already looking for a new Server, but this may take a While.

~ "Global" Conclusion ~
Hell's Revenge is designed for Hardcore D2 Players. A single Arrow can kill you. It's a dark, twisted World, no longer controlled by the Forces of Light. It's damn HARD, but also adds some new Stuff for D2 Veterans, many new Items to find, and more Char Setups to try.

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Hells Revenge 0.5 Beta
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