Halo: Starside Intercept is a Homeworld 2 total conversion bringing tactical space combat to the Halo universe.

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Welcome to another installment of Halo: Starside Intercept!

Posted by RINGLEADER on Nov 30th, 2010

Welcome to another installment of Halo: Starside Intercept,

We've been hard at work to provide you with the best Halo experience possible and we again want to show you our progress. We're currently working on the UNSC faction as well as several of the more familiar locales featured in the Halo universe,

I've recently corrected the lighting conditions on our Reach orbit level:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Here's an old concept piece I've been working on as well, a Covenant Assault ship:

User Posted Image

It's role is similar to that of the Covenant dropship, but on a much larger scale. It's able to carry heavy defensive structures like shield towers or AA batteries groundside.

We haven't yet decided how the UNSC will transport units and defenses, but we think going the route of Pelicans and Albatrosses would fit within the gameplay best.

As far as a release date, we don't want to make any promises, but we're going to shoot for New Year's beta release with a skeleton UNSC fleet. I've spoken with some other mod teams and they've agreed to let us use some of their scripted gametypes which is definitely a plus, and should give you something to toy around with in the beta release. The more support we get, and the more people we recruit, the faster we can get the beta out, as well as the working releases later, so please keep putting in the good word for us, we really appreciate it.

If you have any questions, we ask that you please review our news feed updates and comments sections before asking, and if you have any technical questions about the mod, ask me via PM.

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Inquisitorfelix Nov 30 2010 says:

Firstly, let me just say that this mod is EXACTLY the Halo mod I've been waiting for. So much attention to detail and thought to each and every thing added, I'm certain this mod will turn out to be incredible.

The concept art is increadibly well done, and I'm liking the original art direction alot here. It definantly looks like it belongs in a covenant fleet roster, however I do have one reservation about the design. I'm certain it's not just me, but it does look remarkably like the Lucrehulk class controlships from starwars haha.
I'm not acusing anyone of anything, it's just the first thing that sprang to mind after "Oh Cool!"

As for UNSC defensive emplacements, if you're referring specifically to static gun emplacements and the like, personally I think it would be cool to see them function (for UNSC at any rate) like gun turrets do in Vanilla, though with some nifty details. For example, an idea that is in my head would be UNSC static defences are constructed with propulsion systems attached that, once the turret has been moved into position, detach. Not having any experiance at all with modding HW2 I have no idea if this is posible.

Just my thoughts on the post, any news from this mod is good news and I'm loving every last word you put up here.
Keep up the good work, just promise to Finish this Fight :P

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Madman4700 Nov 30 2010 replied:

This comment sums everything up so well
I might just cry alittle...

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Nathanius Nov 30 2010 says:

I have a question, are you planning on getting the reach version of the Halcyon into your mod? It could be an upgraded form of the Halcyon, the PoA was refitted prior to leaving Reach after all.

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RINGLEADER Dec 1 2010 replied:

Afraid not, we here at HSI weren't too pleased with the Reach redesign, besides, the refit and everything that occurred in TFOR has now been retconned, so...

We are planning on adding ship upgrades which will include engine, armor and weapons improvements.

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TheBlackGhost Nov 30 2010 says:

Looks awesome. I hope this mod actually gets finished, unlike homefront

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tadamir Nov 30 2010 says:

Damn your lineart is awesome Ringleader...

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RINGLEADER Dec 1 2010 says:

Thanks guys!

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880Zero Dec 1 2010 says:

I'm curious as to how this larger dropship would be used. You plan to make ground battles, so if/when you get around to it, are you going to use the Excavation Scarab (Halo 2) or the Assault Scarab (Halo 3, ODST, Reach)?

The reason I ask is because the Assault Scarab has booster jets in the undercarraige for landing as seen in Halo 3.

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RINGLEADER Dec 1 2010 replied:

Well, like I've stated before in the update, It's able to carry heavy defensive structures like shield towers or AA batteries groundside. That being said niether the excavation scarab or scarab tank will be featured in this mod. Our ground battles will not go beyond capturing stuctures/territories and building up defenses.

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880Zero Dec 1 2010 replied:

Well I got the AA tower part, I didn't know if ground units would be implemented or not. Also, in Halo 3, Phantoms carried AA tower parts to the Ark. Are you going to have something similar to this or just use this large dropship idea?

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Syrtees Apr 25 2011 says:

I'm gawking at how much you guys plan on breaking the Homeworld engine. Ground Battles!? Is that even possible!?! *Seizures* That's pretty impressive, especially if it works. But one thing I'd like to point out, I thought the scarab was brought to ground by atmospheric insertion from low orbit (with underside jets breaking it's absurd entry velocity)?

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