Hi there everyone. I'm Felix. I'm an incredibly nerdy guy, with alot of passion for everything nerdy. Everything from Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer, to programming and repairing PC's.
I'm a huge Japanese history and pop-culture fan and am Working on a Japanese mod for Mount and Blade: Warband.
I'm also a musician, I play guitar and sing for a band called "The Children of Sachiel" a sci-fi concept band.

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Whilst I doubt alot of people while be tuning in to read this, I felt I'd share some news on here anyway.

Whilst the time my previous project "Age of the Samurai" was in the limelight was short, it did attract alot of attention. So I guess this is a courtesy call to all those who followed my work and wanted to see more.

As of about three months ago I have begun to assemble a new team to work on a project that I feel will be far more exciting than a simple mount and blade modification. The key concepts and ideas are already being ironed out as me and a small team of creative individuals begin work on a complete game.
I've decided that it's too early to reveal any details about the game, being that the team working on it are planning to put years of effort into this project to see it come out as a commercially viable and enjoyable product and thus are remaining tight lipped to prevent any ideas going astray before things are legally tied. That said, I want to at least say that this project is something I intend to fully invest in and over the next few months, hopefully share some of the exciting idea's and news we have planned for any who are interested in hearing them.

So while the disappearance of Age of the Samurai may have been a dissapointment. I hope to soon give some people something to look forward to again in the near future.

Cheers, InquisitorFelix Lead Designer on the project currently codenamed Genesis 2112

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The new japanese mod sounds great, hope you get crackin on it soon, i wish i could help but im still in the amateur stages of using the modding tools

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hey man sup? whenever you get this, you should hit me up with the details on the new comming japanese mod for mount&blade, sounds like fun! dude, you know when you fight a battle at night, right? if possible add some flaming arrow perk bro. :) peace.


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NEW Battlestar Galactica Forum: Moddb.com

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