This mod is a Tribute to Hammy, Jaykin bacon, Various Video Games and the fact that you can make a mod fun without super-serious modern warfare guns or zombies. Half-Screwed is a Half-life Modification where the tense serious multiplayer action is blown away with weird weapons and other great wonderful things. Instead of a handgun and dangerous explosives, you can throw dosh at your opponents. Or have your first Tripmine with Fishter Price's TripMine all set up and ready to use. The possibilities are endless and the sky's the limit!

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I gave you a ten out of ten. Put me in the summary image now.

- Funny +4
- many surprises +2
- Multiplayer Features +2
- Alot of fun +2
- Everything else +1
- Little bugs -1
- sometimes annoying and boring -1

fix a bug and you'll get no CON and 10/10
but anyway, NICE!
9/10 this will stay on my PC ;)

good tho crashes when i start up


DoctorAmazing says

May contain spoilers 0 agree 0 disagree


very nice!

Good Job ********! I mean Guys.

amazingly funny, it would be a 10 for me if it had bots. i know that sounds stupid, but i have really bad internet and cant play online.

**** man, ****

I think my brain was molested by the realistic jiggle physics of the men

the best damn ******* mod for HL and the internets :D

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