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The mod looked like it had potential, a story of a lawyer who had to go and inspect the government facility. The opening had good level design and instantly reminded me of Blue Shift, which looked like its inspiration. It starts off well and places you up against a few aliens to get passed before you get your weapon which I liked. It has 2 new weapons which I always love when a mod attempts and I felt they very much fitted into the game.
The first half I found to be quite good in terms of difficulty, nicely designed areas but by the end I felt you fought a tad to many Islaves.
I also liked the fact you couldn't use HEV charging stations or pick up batteries but instead may find a kevlar vest later on. I did have some issues though..

For the door with the broken wire I try experimenting, moving a barrel in a adjacent area only to find it hits a invisible wall.... you go to the previous area and find a metal crate at the bottom of the elevator and try pushing it through to the next area but it gets stuck at the door you can clearly walk through.... what the hell.
The mod punishes you for experimenting for no reason. Clearly it had 3 ways of getting the broken wire fixed but the mod only allowed 1 way by putting invisible walls that stop crates/barrels.

There was another point later on when you see a teleporter but it kills you when you try to jump into it while the controllers are still alive... lame.
Just after that for some reason your guns get taken away from you. Double lame.
But the rest of the mod didn't disappoint apart from some areas that where a little tough and needed some patience to get through.

The ending was interesting to say the least, I saw a model I've never seen before :O

another epic mod

Pretty good level design, good use of custom stuff. New scientist models looked a little weird and some of the puzzles were kinda tedious but all in all a pretty good mod. I thought that the new death camera was a pretty nice touch.



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In Half-Life's History..You've played as Gordon Freeman, You've played as Adrian Shephard, and You've played as Barney Calhoun. As mods were made you saw more and more roles come around.. One was a lawyer, An evil evil person in Half-Life Visitors.

Half-Life:Visitors takes place in the "Visitors" center of Black Mesa during the Black Mesa Incident. Half-Life:Visitors has the classic weapons plus two new weapons:The Pipe and the M24 sniper Rifle.

While the mod can get irritating because of hard to solve puzzles..This mod introduces in ambushes that can catch you off guard in tight spaces, and more destructive enviroments.


It's an okay mod, it has it's pros and cons. The first half was pretty good, and then the rest was kinda confusing. Especially the ending. The mapping is pretty great in some ares, though

A great mod with an interesting spin on the half-life universe. Playing through the story felt like it was a full fledged expansion to half-life. If your looking for a different take on the events of Black Mesa you should check this one out.


Another top quality Half-Life 1 mod.You hardly get armor in the a lot of times but that's kind of a good thing, as this mod ain't too hard, but very challenging.It features a sniper rifle aswell like in Opposing Force but it's very ****** up, the bolt is missing, and 3 bullets for it instead of 5? I know, I know, the weapon is very powerful too, I give you that.

But anyway, this mod also containt new voic for a few schientits, new sleeves due to teh character which takes a big plus, you can a pipe, another melee weapon unlike Corporal Shephard the only one to have two melee weapons...And the maps?They're very well done, not top quality, not very well done.

if you want a Single-Player mod that might get you ready for some fun and up for some challenges, this mod will get you ready on the set.I truly recommend this to anybody.No bugs or anything.

Oh, and if you die, you go in thirdperson and the game automatically reloads your latest save in the game.A bit slow but still, ain't that nice?

Good mod. Just felt clunky in places.

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