I've decided to put a Moddb page up for this due to the request I've received. This model pack replaces all models for Half-Life, Opfor, and Blue-Shift. But I also intend to replace models for these mods. Azure Sheep, Point of View, Sweet Half-Life, Escape, Case Closed, Decay, and my most favorite, Residual Point. Since Gman's Golden Model pack is somewhat either incomplete, or it taking a while to finish, I think i'll do my Ultimate Pack for Half-Life and it's Mods. Well what are you intending to replace, Luck3y Charms? Well, I intend to replace, yes, of course models. Sounds for Realistic effects like real sounding gunfire, And misc.

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Corpsmen, Engineers, and Black Ops update
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These guys are supposed to be Force Recon right?

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Based on Force Recon I mean, they give off a Force Recon vibe. What with the 1911s and all that gear.

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m3luck3ycharms Author

The HECU to me are extremely hard to classify as I've told my friends multiple times.

prior to Gearbox when they were just refered to "grunts" or "the military" by the Valve Dev team, One could've easily believed the HECU were apart of the Air Force Security Forces due to their gear loadout and wardrobe. The Air Force operates the V-22 Ospreys (CV-22 variant) and they can even embed a IFV mechanized armor brigade and an AH-64 apache airwing from the army. They wear berets into combat close quarters the same as the USAF security forces do.

But then Gearbox decided to **** logic and classify them as Marines, even continuing giving them items the Marine Corps doesn't use (I.E. berets, "Medics" [Marines don't have medics. They have Corpsmen from the Navy],etc). I really believe Gearbox based their models on the Marines in the movie The Rock that came out close to when Half-Life was initially released.

Then hell, I then began to think maybe the HECU was some sort of task force that recruits any and all service members from all 5 branches of service just like how SOCOM and Delta Force does. Just under the Marine Corps jurisdiction.

Then I though hell, maybe if was the Gearbox DEV teams laziness.

I still highly believe in the Task Force thing, but I'm still going to give them the Force Recon/MARSOC loadout with the HECU in my pack.

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Another update since my laptop decided to start working again.

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