HALF-LIFE: Operation Rosenberg. Be part of HECU forces to capture Dr Rosenberg after he escaped from Black Mesa.

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ApocalypseXMen says

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I think the story of this mod is very nice! I would have given it a 10 if there weren't a couple of issues/bugs involving the gameplay of this mod! Despite that, congratulations! I really enyojed playing it!


Lowe_Marsh says

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I will vote this 8/10 because of the great story behind this Mod.
The technical issues are a bit bothering but you can play this anyway.


TiniMontana says

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I really like the story and the mod as an overall.
I think the author made some technical mistakes that could have been avoided to make this mod even better. Probably he is a rookie at mod designing but the mod is very good.


Tomas_Protein says

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After playing this MOD I have to say is one of the best Half Life Mods I've played over the last years. There are some things to improve though.
This is my general review:

-Excellent story.
-Good skins.
-Good levels (even though some where to tough to finish)
-Two endings.
-Secret levels.
-Hidden weapons.
-Easter eggs (such as films posters, nice classic songs and Doom references)

-Some parts of the game kind of get "laggy"
-Some levels were too difficult to finish (you may run out of ammo or end up with too low health)
-You have to read too much!! Hehe.
-You need to think and re-think a lot in some cases to figure it out what to do.

After saying all, I have to say IT IS REALLY WORTH PLAYING!!


23-down says

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Info: For a quick review look at the bottom of the text.

With Operation Rosenberg we get an unofficial expansion pack for Rosenberg and Calhoun of what could've happened to them after their escape of Black Mesa.

The mod arrives with many fascinating ideas and even plenty of voice acting (Though not in perfect English.)

Gameplay: The execution here differs. Sometimes it's very good but far to often also frustrating. Especially in situations where you get swarmed by pit drones, Alien controllers etc. Far to often had I to use god mode because I simply ran out of health or ammo. That aside the mod offers a great mix of riddles and pure combat. Finding key cards, searching for batteries and fuel cans to restore specific machinery etc. The mod has it all. In the 2nd half of the mod it's mostly pure combat though.

Balance: The mod is for the most part balanced how ever there are also many sections in which you often find yourself helplessly outmatched. Either due to a lack of ammo or a cheer amount of monsters teleporting in all around you.

Mapping: The mapping varies a lot. While some sections actually look very decent & good. I also often felt that the majority of maps appeared mediocre looking. Huge corridors that felt empty or lacklustre in design. But not every room has to be bright and shining.
That aside there were unfortunately also plenty locations and spaces in which you die forcefully. Either per explosive trap you can not see nor destroy, or by holes you can fall into like a shaft with a destroyed ladder. A trigger_hurt to ensure the player really dies in such areas would've sufficed. But also to let the players know "Ok, this is a no go zone". In other instances it's the opposite. I don't mind walking into a trap but then at least I would've wished for an auto save game prior to the mentioned trap. Far to often did I have to repeat from a much older savegame as I neglected to quick save. Unfortunately most maps are so badly polished that 85% of those arrive with terrible frame rates. I suspect the author just fast compiled resulting in exactly that: Badly polished maps. A full compile would've probably done the trick.

Fun factor: That varies a lot. While I enjoyed most of it in the earlier maps I felt the further the mod progressed the lesser fun it became. At some point I started to get bored and just turned on god mode due to frame rates, an increasing difficulty & to save up on some time.

Story: Possibly the strongest aspect, despite the funny English. You're Cpl. Collins of the Hecu under orders to track down Dr. Rosenberg & Calhoun which both escaped Black Mesa and made a run for another secret research Center called Area99. In there you learn quite a lot about a nice story twist that even involves the combine, time travel - mind control and so on. But I don't want to spoil to much of it. I did enjoy it. Unfortunately that plot seemed to be left unchecked towards the end & left you with with many unanswered questions. If there were additional story dialogs then I must have missed em.

Short review:


+Filled with tons of great ideas.

+Training course.

+Fantastic story plot and not necessarily interfering with the main Hl1&2 story line. It adds nicely.

+Plenty of riddles in the earlier levels.

+2 Different mod endings possible. Eath path containing numerous maps. As far as I know only Hl1 Deliverance provided something similar.

+Great npc scripting in form of special cut monster bosses.

+Many secret areas.

+Some great looking maps, some.

+Impressive game length.

+PDA and plenty of radios


-Badly polished mod. Most maps lag terribly. Especially the earlier maps.

-Several locations you can get stuck at if low on health, water mazes, elevator shafts = god mode required

-Invasive sound editing. The mod author formed sentences out of many other hl1 voice file assets. You can imagine how that sounds.

-Sometimes properly balanced but to often I felt overwhelmed by the foes encountered. That or not enough ammo and med packs available in some areas.

-Many annoying traps and places where you can get stuck or die without warning. Yet often no auto saves were provided prior to these places. So make sure to quick save a lot.

-Rather monotone towards the end. You constantly fight against Black Ops standing behind every corner, sorta.

-Unanswered questions regarding the Area99 story plot.

-Sometimes good mapping but mostly mediocre in design.

-While the mod arrives with plenty of amazing scripts. It also often feels repetitive. Some more animations of Zombies eating bodies, people crawling into vents etc. wouldn't have hurt.

-Weird level transitions. But you get use to it.


In present condition the mod has for the most part decent game play. And the audio and story text PDA's really help to keep it interesting. How ever due to the bad frame rates I feel as this is more a Beta than a finalized mod version. If fixed + properly balanced I'd rate this 9 of 10.


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