Story: Under certain radiation exposure this artifact opens a portal. Presumably the portal will lead to another artifact in the parallel world. Mission: Enter the portal and find the artifact in the parallel world. You will receive our new development, a suit that will allow you to safely get through the portal, and theoretically protect you from possible dangers in the parallel world. Once you have found the artifact, press this button on your suit and you will get teleported back to the Black Mesa laboratory.

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Why did this mod got Greenlit on Steam? Seriously? There are tons of amazing mods out there, and this gets the spotlight?


smoke_th says

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Really? you push this crap to steam?
I remember when back in the day, "spiritual successor" of half life were fully fleshed out episodes with 15+ maps, done with good level design at hand and tricky (sometimes) puzzles.
And what is this ♥♥♥♥? You run down the ship, you run back, you kill so called "boss". That's all. 8-10 minutes worth of time at max.
And you push this short-♥♥♥ map as "official" steam release, supported by trailer? Like seriously?
Hell even today Doom community has fully fleshed episodes, even with cutscenes, (thanks to Zdoom engines and their deviraives like Zandronum (ex Skulltag)), some with dialogue routine (thanks to Strife dialog system), and modded up the butt with custom graphics, weaponry and sometimes game mechanics. Those worth far more.
Why does those don't get blowed up steam release? Is it perhaps that there's such thing as humble-ness and authors don't want to ♥♥♥♥♥ themselves up by such mediocre means?
Now, don't get me wrong - if something done good and it has it's potential - i'm fine with that - Action Doom 2 was a fantastic total conversion, and it deserved that large fame and spotlights.
This thing does not.
Because Half-Life: before is a short, regular, mediocre and boring half life map which wrapped in stand-alone "build" with loud words like "spiritual successor".
Ha. haha. hahahahahahahahah. Funny.

P.S. come to think of it, i should probably revive my Total conversion idea of turning hl:s into contra force sequel, if steam gives such mediocre projects spotlight - maybe i have a good chance too...or maybe, just maybe I need to think about consequences of such time-waste and concentrate on delivering real entertainment products which have better features standing for them.

It's not good or bad, but why did Steam have to take this? Why didn't they take They Hunger, USS Darkstar, Sven Coop, Afraid of Monsters: DC, or CRY OF FEAR?!
REVIEW UPDATE: Steam had posted Cry of Fear on Steam unbeknownst to me when I had posted this review. Still though, Afraid of Monsters and hell lots of other classic HL1 mods deserve to be on Steam in place of this plain-as-**** mod.


- why does it take place on a ship in the middle of the ocean?
- why are there aliens?
- why are there hostile marines?

Very very short.
The ugliest lamest boss I've ever seen, a buggy trip mine that hard to destroy, this mod just looks like someone started out modding for the first time and somehow decided that this was worth releasing...
2 levels that have had barely any work done, and barely any testing for it.
The combat was, well what little of it there was, isn't worth mentioning.
As a ship this is possibly one of the most plain renditions I've seen.

Sadly, this mod gets the Steam Greenlit?!

This mod's story ****** up the whole story...

Why does Xen aliens are already in the Earth? Aren't they should appear on the day where Black Mesa gone wrong?

Also, only 2 or 3 maps for this mod? Other mods at least 10 more but this??

A lazy mod, which contains bore, illegal story and 3 maps only. No just no.

Much great mod and this get the Steam Greenlit...

3/10-- Crap.

Greatest mod ever. Just kidding. IT'S THE WORST! Really a short horrible Half-Life 1 mod gets on Steam? What... i don't even... this tells you that it's before the Black Mesa accident or what does the word "Before" mean? There's only one map you can play and there are already Xen aliens. Yes Xen aliens. But guess what? It tells the story before the accident and there are aliens? Xen aliens never existed till the Black Mesa experiment happened. Oh and i didn't even try the mod because i knew it was horrible and the one's saying that this is "cool" or give it a 8/10 or more are just wrong. And i hope this isn't going to be an expansion pack to Half-Life 1 since that would be horrible.

1/10 - ********

I would have given this a higher score if it was just one level.

Once I got down to the second level, I was driven to madness fighting the boss. Did it REALLY need to follow you at a million miles an hour?

It was just absurd fighting the boss since everytime I died I had to reload a save from the first level and watch a painfully long cut-scene before I got killed again D:

It's probably me just complaining, but I've never gotten so angry at a half-life mod before.

too short



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Very short mod, but still fun to play!

Nov 3 2013 by Parad0x_33