after 20 years in stasis, you awake to find out that the facility of h2f laboratories, the brother company of aperture science, has been abandoned for almost as long as you have been asleep, and the only voice you hear is an un-familiar one, not quite human, yet not quite machine. you are test subject 865, and it is time for the test you signed up for, to forward the technological advancement of the united states.

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sorry, guys. this mod is dead. but that doesn't mean you'll never see it again!

Posted by tile on Apr 28th, 2013

The jester is dead, long live the king!

sorry, guys. this mod is dead. but that doesn't mean you'll never see it again!
I realized about a half of a week ago that the reason this mod, h2f, is failing, is because of all the mistakes i alone made toward the beginning when i was still a full blown newbie, and that also stuck around! So, i've decided to forget all the "progress" i've made on this (only 2 and a half maps over roughly 3 years work...that's just pathetic!) and restart this mod from the beginning. now, before you start to come up with some clever insult such as "i was being polite, man! this mod always stayed true to it's namesake!" or you start a rant about how you never got to see some of the maps, here's what im giving you for waiting so long until the release that isn't going to happen:
the story of this mod's development, and a look at my plans for my new mod! (as of yet un-named!)

So, here you go.

Back in a year when "the cake is a lie" was the biggest joke on the web, I was no more than what most of you probably call "Another one of those roblox newbs who don't know crap about nothing." my account name was "tile" just as i am still known today. i was seeing this whole "the cake is a lie" thing everywhere, and wondered "where the heck is that even FROM?!?" and when i looked it up, i was amazed to find out about this neat game called portal. to shorten the story, i eventually got the game and played through it. just like everyone else, i wanted more. however, being that there has never been a game that i didn't try to mod in some way, i wanted that "more" to be my own! i heard from the commentary mode about the fact that portal could have custom levels, and i was thrilled! when i opened hammer the first time, i created my first map, and called it "project basement". it took place in the deepest part of aperture science, after an elevator crash. (portal 2 wasn't even announced yet, guys! this is one heck of a coincidence, isn't it?) it basically consisted of a massive boxy room full of toxic water that couldn't kill you and a turret that couldn't shoot, and was all very dark due to my in-experience with..well, everything! several (but not hundreds) of crap-tastic maps later, i decided i wanted to make a full blown mod. it was simply called "the borealis" and struck a few similaritys to portal 2, which had only just been announced in gameinformer. it was the year 2010, april. it had this charactor with the voice of microsoft sam, and was named aperture sam. it was quite the fail mod! and that's where THIS mod was made. it was literally my 3rd ever mod! (and my very 1st "real" mod!!!!!) you probably know the story from there. i was being heavily critisized by everyone, accept one guy named "phaaze", who helped to fix up my failed maps. after him, glitcher helped out with managing the mod for a long while, then that leads to today, where glados_cube (AKA zach) is secondary (and possibly primary) leader. now, a new chapter of the story will unfold- and that, is where my new mod will come in.

For the new mod, i plan to re-create my old maps from the start of this mod, but I will use my much better skill set, and i will try not to make the same mistakes i did with h2f. Some plans I have for this new mod are going to be:
1. No portals, unless the idea of a non-portal test doesn't work out.
2. "alternate universe" version of aperture science as the setting. Most of the best mods i've ever played take place in a version of aperture science that is completely non-canon, but still uses canon elements.
3. it will be mod-sized. one of my main mistakes on this mod was the 60-map goal. (that's how big portal 2 is, and it took almost all the people at valve to make!) so im going to cut it down a bit.

Not satisfied? If not, well- i am sorry that i failed on you guys. Look for a mod that vaguely resembles the early screenshots of this one, though!

This has been a hopefully-not-to-discouraging "my mod died" post, signing out!

-Tile, (ex?) head mod leader of hand-2-face.

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Billybobjoey Apr 28 2013 says:

No....Portals? Interesting.

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Guest Apr 28 2013 says:

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tile Author
tile Apr 29 2013 replied:

i agree with you. but keep a look out- zach is working on a re-make of this mod, and im making a spiritual sucessor. :)

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Pauolo Apr 29 2013 says:

That's not the first time I hear about a Portal/puzzle mod without portal gun, still you don't see enough of these around though they can still be interesting. Also, speaking of alternate universe you can try digging for ideas in Cave Johnson's lines from the Perpetual Testing Initiative, I haven't seen anyone trying to make a mod out of that.

Anyway, good luck for your new project. =)

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tile Author
tile Apr 29 2013 replied:

thanks. and, good idea. :)

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WhyNott Sep 16 2013 says:

Urgh. Now I'm confused.

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