Gunreal is a UT2004 mod, completely redoing UT2004's combat and game mechanics with its own weapons and pacing. It features: - 14 New Weapons - Weapon-Shopping - Dynamic Inventory Belt - Walk/Sprint Stamina - Dynamic Accuracy - Improved Player Size - New Blood & Gore - Hit Indicator - Grenades, Mines, and Deployable Teleporters

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Some of you have been waiting years, and at long last, Gunreal is playable in beta form.

Posted by Dario_D on Apr 9th, 2008

Gunreal Beta

As we mop up the last remaining features pending for the final 1.0 release, we present the beta for Gunreal. The focus of this beta is largely to get the community in on the actual testing aspects of a beta, and thus there is a detailed video on the download page showing you how to get in on the action, and help up push this through to 1.0 faster, by illuminating any bugs and imbalance issues.

So, without any further ado, you can either:
Download Gunreal Beta (homepage link)
Watch HD Trailer (this is actually the same link. So head-shot me)


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pvt.Johnson Apr 9 2008 says:

hahahah soooo funny, noooot =P

But yeah the movement speed is crawling slow even when your running. Yes its just a beta, but this mod needs a lot more work(and im sure it will get more).

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Dario_D Author
Dario_D May 9 2008 replied:

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Btw, the movement is nearly identical to Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2, but will feel strange to UT-centric players. Bear in mind that Gunreal is NOT UT2004, and is shooting for its thing entirely (partially created as a proof-of-concept for publishers).

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Leonardo-DiVinci Apr 9 2008 says:

Hey Dario, glad to see the work coming along. (thumbsup)

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Bubbinska Apr 9 2008 says:

I just had a go against bots. I have to say I'm quite impressed by the weapon designs, the new gore and explosion effects are great too.

However, it seems you've taken out what made UT what it is - the speed! There's no double-jump, no dodge-jump, you move at a crawl (even when sprinting) and left the player with a bunch of awesome weapons and effects, but the feeling that he's not playing UT anymore.

Didn't notice any strange bot behaviour from my test games in Deathmatch and Onslaught. I like the weapon-buying system, and the inventory too. The mod currently feels like it's more suited to gametypes like Assault and Onslaught.

Installation was very easy, thanks for the explanation video! Will keep an eye on this mod.

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Nemesisurvivorleon Apr 10 2008 says:

It sounds like another realism mod. I'm sick of realism.

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NullSoldier Apr 10 2008 replied:

Definately not realism mod. Look at the trailer first next time. =\

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Leonardo-DiVinci Apr 10 2008 replied:

I concur with Da Douche here, you gotta at least give it a test run man. The "realisim" thing? Hate to say it but yea I don't see it that way. The Spammer and the G-60 totally hauls and grinds, GROUND ROUND on Sale Ailse 12 Meat Dept ! XD

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five_damned_dollarz Apr 10 2008 says:

I made the game crash when I dropped 2 teleporters and right clicked when a team-mate was using one... I was playing Double Domination at the time, something for your todo list, I think? Good luck, It's a lot of fun, but I agree, a little bit faster movement speed and it'll be great

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XenonFORT Apr 10 2008 says:

I think it will better with a gameplay configuration, like the BW has... At least, for config the velocity of movement, it will be great.

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RoDNoX Apr 10 2008 says:

I have wait a long time but now its out GUNREAL, Wow its so cool, looks very nice and its awesome.
Respect work hard so we can play the final release!^^

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Aimforthehead Apr 11 2008 says:

I can tell the design and concept of the mod took a lot of work and had great fun playing it. Just make it a bit more fast paced and that should help the gameplay fit more with the weapons and environment, to give a better feel. Great job!

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Nemesisurvivorleon Apr 11 2008 says:

I tried it. It is still a realism mod basically, but it has a high-tech theme.

I LOVE the new gore and graphics and how professional-grade this is though.

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pvt.Johnson Apr 11 2008 says:

It is not a realism mod(in a high tech theme), thats like saying Counter Strike is sci-fi adventure.

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Nemesisurvivorleon Apr 13 2008 replied:

it's not like saying cs is a scifi adventure. They didn't add in a ton of realistic aspects, they only added the slow movement really, so you still have to take cover since you can't dodge well. This makes it a "realism" mod because in "realism" you do move molasses slow and are prevented from rushing people because of it.

Truthfully, the only actual problem is that the bots are too hard. It is the ONLY problem really. It doesn't make sense though because even with other insta-hit weapons in normal ut bots scale the difficulty fine.

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Lachadonan Apr 11 2008 says:


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ekdikeo Apr 14 2008 says:

If you don't like the movement speed, play something else. :)

UT moves lethargically slow, compared to most other games, especially considering in UT you are all midgets running around in a world built for giants. Gunreal makes you much larger, and slows you down somewhat, so you're moving at a much more natural pace.

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