You will receive:
-----A new alternative history of Star Wars.
-----The Story of General Grievous and his savior
-----New droids units
-----New Grievous (more durable, dangerous ...)
-----Modified Kenobi
-----The Republic of longer clones, ammunition
-----New skins and opportunities for the future Grievous and the Droids
-----Better skins for clones and Kenobi (high quality)
System requirements:
-----Version of the game: is not below 1.1
-----Operating System: XP, Vista, or Windows 7
-----Disk Space for game: 6.5 GB
-----Disk Space for mod: 400 MB
-----RAM: 1Gb (or higher)


Forum links:
-----Idea of mod (maybe you have a question, as Grievous can to avenge if his defeated Kenobi?)
-----GR Episode I - Invasion of Utapau (the first of six episodes, history)
-----Feedback and suggestions (share your impressions on mod, depend on this change in future versions)
-----Bags (in 2.0 version) (if you notice a bug, write in this category)




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GR Episode I
Invasion of Utapau V2.0

Version 2.0 load screen

Map changes
- Add LA-AT (but the AI is very stupid to drive them)
- Little changed spawns units
- Other small changes

Gameplay changes
- AI intellect improved, but still not perfect. I will improve in future versions.
- A more long battle (20-30 minutes)
- A more units on a map
- Completely reworked units and weapon
- New skins for clones (the correct coloring 212th attack battalion)

New battle tactic
- Simply destroy the everything, leads to defeat
- Think over moves and looking weaknesses of the enemy
- If you have clamped and long time you can not change the situation, try to capture the other,
--farthest, command point (droids main command point)
- If you are a sniper, then target the head. It is always critical.
--Or use a shot in the legs, if the target the move. It overturn her.
- If you can not destroy a target because of the dense fire, overturn its thermal detonator

Gameplay screenshots

Grievous - gameplay screenshot-Sniper 1 - gameplay screenshot

Sniper 2 - gameplay screenshot-Kenobi - gameplay screenshot

Kenobi vs Grievous 1 - gameplay screenshot-Kenobi vs Grievous 2 and Cody - gameplay screensho


Grievous v2
- More life and armor + regeneration
- Modified combo
- Powerful defend (but can not protect themselves from the back)
- There are vulnerable moments in his combo when you can damage it
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Grievous lightsabers

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi v2
- Jedi life (light regeneration)
- Modified combo and force
- Powerful defend
- There are vulnerable moments in his combo when you can damage it
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Kenobi lightsaber ((real skin of sword handle)
- Force push
- Force push 360

Heroes modified combo | New control
--Initially lightsaber off. You can enable it by pressing the attack or block.
--After activation of a lightsaber, the hero will automatically protect itself (block damage).
--If you do not do anything, the lightsaber will be turned off after 6 seconds.
--Middle mouse button to activate block.
--If you want to deactivate saber (must be active block) click middle mouse button.
--In block your energy does not fall, but if you block the damage energy will fall and then be
--When attacking, you also can block the damage, but energy will fall faster.
--You can not block the damage in a radius.

Grievous army units

Super battle droid
- New armor + regeneration
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Wrist laser
- Wrist energy rockets

Heavy Super battle droid
- New heavy armor + regeneration
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Wrist heavy blasters
- Plasma stingers

Sniper droid
Sniper v2
- New light armor + regeneration
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Sniper rifle
- Light shield
- Jet pack

Magnaguard v2.0 Alpha
- New armor + regeneration
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Magnaguard staff

Republic units

Clone Trooper
- DC 15 blaster carbine
- Standart blaster pistol
- Thermal detonator

Heavy Trooper
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Standart blaster pistol
- Emp launcher
- Rocket launcher
- Thermal detonator
- Mines
- Detpack

Clone Enginer
- DC 15 blaster carbine
- Fusion cutter
- Standart blaster pistol
- DN bolt caster
- Autoturret
- Help pack (health & ammo)

Clone Sharpshooter
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- Sniper rifle
- Standart blaster pistol
- Thermal detonator

Commander Cody
- Cannot enter to vehicles
- DC 19 blaster carbine
- DC 19 overload mode
- DC 19 stealth mode
- DC 19 DC 15s blaster pistol

Commando (in future versions)

Sincerely Alvio Wayne


Version 2.0 Coming soon!

Version 2.0 Coming soon!

2 years ago News 1 comment

Soon you will see a lot of changes! Map, Gameplay, Heroes and Units it was all reworked and the improvement. You will be able to take part in an epic...

Episode I - Invasion of Utapau v2.0

Episode I - Invasion of Utapau v2.0

2 years ago Full Version 7 comments

You will see a lot of changes! You will be able to take part in an epic battle!

GR - Utapau V1 TEST

GR - Utapau V1 TEST

2 years ago Demo 5 comments

My first mod. Grievous Revenge Demo (V1 TEST). Planet: Utapau.

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 47)
ThatWrapAss-Deer Aug 23 2015 says:

Can you make a regular battle driod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Alvio_Wayne Creator
Alvio_Wayne Oct 15 2015 replied:

Droids and Grievous will evolve in the course of history.
Regular droids will be in the second episode but from the side separatists.

I offer my apologies for the long development.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Oct 16 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Alvio_Wayne Creator
Alvio_Wayne Jul 20 2015 says:

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
Slowly, but I'm working on the mod and balance.

+2 votes   reply to comment
musicsaves677 Jul 12 2015 says:

The AI also kinda stops playing the game after awile to

(ONLY the troops in the back where the fighting isnt taking place BUT!!! they will fireback they just dont move and they space out)

+2 votes     reply to comment
musicsaves677 Jul 12 2015 says:

ok for actual improvements, ive played this map 5 times now to pinpoint what "I" i think would make this more playable

-grievous body guards need to have a much weaker block as they are not able to deflect like a lightsaber would they are nearly as strong as grievous.
-Droid snipers are powerful but the shield on them is to much.
-Super battledroids armor (compared to Starwars republic commando) id say are very good they are dangerous and to be feared... but on a large scale battle like this when they are ALL dangerous is to much.
-Gatling Super battledroid does to much damage
-The republic heavy trooper (one with rocket launcher) does as much damage as a pistol and does none to grevious as its rare you can hit him even aiming at the ground next to him.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ProfessionalLoser Jun 4 2015 says:

This pretty cool!
I will check it out when I get Star Wars Battlefront II.

+1 vote     reply to comment
gasman677 May 30 2015 says:

ALL AROUND amazing mod...

Have severe concerns of playability thou... I UNDERSTAND you want powerfull droids... but ... um ... could there be alittle playability on the Republic side ... even obi-wan is weaker seeming.

I have to unload a entire clip and then some on a Assasin droid.... even more for a Heavy battledroid or hell even a regular super battledroid. Would like alittle bit more of a balance on the damage side of things.

+1 vote     reply to comment
tacoguy55 Apr 17 2015 says:

is there a way where I can put all the clone units into the vanilla version

0 votes     reply to comment
darkyuri Apr 11 2015 says:

Is mod alive?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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