A Co-op Survival Multiplayer Mod revamping Classic Full Invasion mod by Arch3r and to continue his work. This mod aim to have as many factions as possible and it is one of the most demanding mod out there for warband. (For 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Operating System only) With lots of new factions to choose from, and more coming with each update, Full Invasion 2 builds further upon Arch3r's abandoned mod, breathing fresh life in his interesting concept. Try to survive for as long as possible and fight against hordes of enemies. Build barricades, fences, form a spear-wall / shield wall to fight against the foes. The game sends waves of challenges to the player that become more difficult with each subsequent wave. But can you hold till the last wave? You will be tested (Please read the minimum requirement page before you download to avoid disappointment or crashes in game) This is the most demanding mod ever created on warband. Beware

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This is a to do list for me and my devs so we can work something out and decide what to improve on.

Posted by FI2_Dev_Tak on Sep 15th, 2013

2014 To Do List for Future version:

Recently we managed to get the permission from Seraga to use all his Game of thrones models. Nowe we can expand the GOT faction.

New Defender Faction: Warhammer 40k
New Defender faction: Muslim
New Invasion: Invasion of Lizardman
New Invasion: Invasion of ET

Redone Roman Invasion
Droid Invasion complete overhaul
Buyable Space marine sets
Redone other factions
Invasion of black powder needs overhaul (not all troops shoot muskets, need more infantry who charge at players)
giant troll clubs for the battle troll
over haul vikings
admin armors! wolf and foxie
replace gondor cape and empire cape to no cross version (yamabashi)
add following troop with unique gear to Gaul invasion:
Barathon needs a big hammer

Oathsworn(They were historical. Yes. Very Strong, their strength againts blows wereinsane said Tacitus the roman historian. Basicly wont die easily by good thrusts and swings ) Gaesati Spearman(Naked Spearman which are know for their speed should be high waves,)    Arverni Spearman(Very good spearman, but for earlier wave

 If you really want to immerse the little dead Gauls. You can add Britannic Warriors as addition. An Example. Head Hurlers, they had axes(Can use dolabras) They were fast but easier to kill.   Caledonian Warriors. (People Falx'es. They were piercing through roman armor when Romans invaded northern britain)

Praetorian Guard. Bodyguards of late Emperors, incredibly skilled. They used purple Segmentata and Purple Praetorian Helmet. With Purple Scutums and Spatha.)    Urban Cohorts. Fighting in streets of Rome againts dangerous Gangs of rome. Made them romes finest. Recommend them for veeery high waves. Blue Segmentata, Blue Praetorian Helmet. Blue Scutum, Gladius and Pila.

Eagle Cohort. You may add one eagle bearer. Than Legionaries with red segmentata. Normal Legionary Stuff(red Scutum, Gladius and Pila ETC)
KillingSpree237: They were ment to be chosen legionaries veterans of age. Because Eagle was important for a roman legion. A loss of an eagle ment: EVERYTHING IS OVER.. We go back to Rome with Defeat..
KillingSpree237: (Tacitus)
KillingSpree237: So you can boost the Eagle Cohort Stats a little bit overpowered

KillingSpree237: Wolf Cohorts. Rome mythology history was of a wolf with 2 human boys. This Cohort was made by Emperor Aurelius(This is fictional Cohort, ment to inspire Roman Soldiers. If they are cowards. Wolf Cohorts will come after that)
KillingSpree237: *Them*
KillingSpree237: You can use
KillingSpree237: Black Segmentata for them
KillingSpree237: Black Praetorian Helmet
KillingSpree237: Generals Greaves
KillingSpree237: Black Scutum
KillingSpree237: Gladius
KillingSpree237: And 2 sets of pila.
KillingSpree237: And actualy. They are fictional, making them veeery powerful would fit well, but they shouldnt be like 60 againts 70 players. They were ment to be many. They were just overpowered in the fictional way of roman society
KillingSpree237: They should be reduced in numbers
KillingSpree237: NOt saying like Sauron stats

KillingSpree237: They dont have to be very fast in gladius. They should be very durable(Giving them ALOT hp will do the job.)
KillingSpree237: Ill make a suggestion for Empire Invasion now
KillingSpree237: Since it is new invasion type
KillingSpree237: Empire can be fictional.

empire suggestion:
KillingSpree237: Empire can be fictional.
Tak: im listening
KillingSpree237: Reiksguard. Guards of Emperor. Covered in maximillian Plate. Maximillian Helm. With small shields and long arming swords.

Evocati Cohort
 The first bosswaves can have Hamata's. Like it is early Republican period where Segmentata is not revealed yet. And after some waves, like after 9 wave, than they start having better armor like squamata. and in wave 12 they can get Segmentata
KillingSpree237: It is not Empire yet
KillingSpree237: But let by Senators
KillingSpree237: led*
KillingSpree237: In that period
KillingSpree237: They had Hamata's
KillingSpree237: Ofcourse if you want them to. I just give a suggestion :)
KillingSpree237: When Players advance further waves, enemies advance too
KillingSpree237: While Players get high levels. Enemies start to be alot harder and have segmentat
KillingSpree237: segmentata*
KillingSpree237: And than to Urban Cohorts
KillingSpree237: PRaetorians
KillingSpree237: ETC

Star wars:
Silver Droids of General Grievous. They were ment to be more defensive againts Lazer Guns of Storm Troopers..

KillingSpree237: But yeah. They were Dark in colour
KillingSpree237: They had superior accuracy and speed
KillingSpree237: They also used Lightsabers. Unlike many other Droids

KillingSpree237: 501st Legion. They were Blue Clone Troopers
KillingSpree237: They were skilled in shooting more than any other Clone Troopers around

(boss idea)
KillingSpree237: Cad Bane
KillingSpree237: With his Bounty Hunters
KillingSpree237: Cad Bane had Blue face. He was smart aswell.(You can give him some boosts in stats) And he had Bounty hunters(You can also give better stats than the players there)

KillingSpree237: Battle Droid Sergeants
KillingSpree237: Same COlour of other droids
KillingSpree237: They were fast
KillingSpree237: I mean
KillingSpree237: REALLY!! FAST
KillingSpree237: Just like Hunter
KillingSpree237: They had guns but they werent that accurate
KillingSpree237: They used their speed to report to their commanders

another boss:
KillingSpree237: Adas had samurai helmet. Plate armor just like Gothic Plate. And he had big Iron axe(Just like Sarranid Tow Handed Iron Axe)

KillingSpree237: It is a plate
KillingSpree237: That has areas
KillingSpree237: I mean
KillingSpree237: Not full plate which has shoulder plates and just chest plate
KillingSpree237: I mean. It has plates every but just like cutten off
KillingSpree237: I dont know if there is any armor that fits like that
KillingSpree237: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120521055201/villains/images/d/d8/Sith_King_Adas.jpg
KillingSpree237: King adas
KillingSpree237: Okay... Well next suggestion
KillingSpree237: Royal Guards.
KillingSpree237: Guards of the Empero
KillingSpree237: They have Red Robes
KillingSpree237: Red Masks
KillingSpree237: http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/File:Royal_Guard.jpg
KillingSpree237: Here lol

KillingSpree237: They protect the emperor either way
KillingSpree237: Yeah. Not that good in Star Wars Suggestions except these things. I am not that interested in star wars but thats not the case, i just dont know alot about it. I know alot more about other things
KillingSpree237: Like Zombies or Historical Invasions.
KillingSpree237: Or even LotR
KillingSpree237: One of my favorite is LotR ofcourse

Nord viking invasion suggestion:
Drengr.  Drengr was a farmer that took weapons and nordic armours ready for the raid. Almost all Nords from the Town that can wield weapons and have armor would go to raid for plunder and loot.
KillingSpree237: They should have leather to mail and to even some armors that have some sort of plates around it
KillingSpree237: Some were rich
KillingSpree237: Some were Poor
KillingSpree237: They used ordinary viking helmets(NO HORNS)
KillingSpree237: For their weapons. I wouldnt say they should nordic swords. More axes and picks maybe
KillingSpree237: Hammers
KillingSpree237: You know what i mean
KillingSpree237: You can put native things aswell if you want
KillingSpree237: Axes. Picks..... Even Clubs
KillingSpree237: But swords
KillingSpree237: Swords should be more useful for higher of Vikings. Which should come in higher waves in mod
KillingSpree237: Now to second

KillingSpree237: Berserkers. one of the most common of all bloodthirsty barbarians.. But they wore no armor and werent fictionally overpowered and having gigantic axes, they had big axes but not overrated. They were fast and sturdy, wont die by shots to heads. It is just like Sengoku Jedai invasion. There in Wave 6 there is a bosswave where the bots are incredibly fast but still able to get killed.
KillingSpree237: But they were naked
KillingSpree237: Had big long axes
KillingSpree237: Not one handed aswell
KillingSpree237: it is two handed axes(Not polearm)

KillingSpree237: Northumbrian Pillagers. The First Vikings that raided in that time. They were the strongest of vikings since they were the ancients. They had leather armor, fur armor, but no mail. They used swords and axes. Wooden Shields...
KillingSpree237: They were very hard to kill
KillingSpree237: Can be used for higher waves.

KillingSpree237: Okay
KillingSpree237: Next suggestion
KillingSpree237: Which i would find quiet funny while i show it
KillingSpree237: Shaman's of Scandinavia. Who had black robes, and staffs.. They werent fast. They werent Strong. I wont say you even need to put that as a bosswave, just a suggestion for normal waves players will face
KillingSpree237: Black Robe Cap

KillingSpree237: To make the Viking Series fans outthere happy. Ragnarr and his raiders. They have Helmets(No Horns) Mail Hauberks. Mail Greaves. Mail Gauntlets. Nordic War Sword and Huscarl Shield.
KillingSpree237: I mean
KillingSpree237: Not naked
KillingSpree237: But he should have leather armor
KillingSpree237: He didnt like armours in that series
KillingSpree237: Fictionality*

KillingSpree237: Housecarls. Not Skyrim believe me. Housecarls were used by saxons and were mercenaries from north. They were used againts other vikings in battles and were also used againts Normans. They had big Polearm Axes and had best gear for Vikings(you choose yourself for their top notch armour)

Mordor suggestion: (need to add tons of orc stuff from invasion to playable mordor troops)

KillingSpree237: Okay. I got something to say. Some people were mad that Mordor Generals had nothing and when someone polled to Mordor Defender, when they saw so much empty places. They just raged and polled back to what it was XD.. Before i suggest for Attacker Faction of Mordor. May i also suggest something for Mordor Defender faction and Mordor Generals Class. So can i suggest something about these?
KillingSpree237: I will say alot for Attackers
KillingSpree237: But there are alot of people outthere that love Mordor
KillingSpree237: And they are basicly fan of evil in LOTR

KillingSpree237: Gundabad Orcs. Orcs from Gundabad. Known for their durability. They had normal orcish weapons. But they used fur armor.(You can get these armors that have fur in TLD Gundabad orc armors).
KillingSpree237: Renegades of Norths basicly. Joining Sauron again
KillingSpree237: The cold in North made them strong.
KillingSpree237: Just like vikings being alot stronger than europeans at that time because they came from north
KillingSpree237: Next :)
KillingSpree237: Gorgoroth Warg Riders. Yes, you heard right. Mordor had Warg riders too. When you enter Morannon(Black Gate) and you go to up of mordor and below of Barad Dur Tower. There is a place called Gorgoroth, they make wargs there.
KillingSpree237: You dont have to use uruk hai stuff from isengard faction
KillingSpree237: You can put mordor weapons and armor.
KillingSpree237: They came from mordor afterwards


rom The HObbit and the book. Dol Guldur orcs were massive and had good armor. here is an example. You just cant use mordor armors to them. You might want to take other factions armours. It will just not fit to the Dol Guldur Orcs.  http://heirsofdurin.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/dos109.jpg
KillingSpree237: As you see. They should be uruks.
KillingSpree237: I mean
KillingSpree237: TLD uruks
KillingSpree237: But they are still orcs generally

KillingSpree237: Morgul Orcs. They were orcs that had best orc armors. You can give them Uruk Armor of TLD. It will fit well. They had bardiche's Long Glaive's and they also had polearm axes
KillingSpree237: They are like shock troops of mordor armies

KillingSpree237: Durthang uruk archers. Best archers of mordor, but they were few in number. They should use TLD Uruk armor and should have longbows(They stole from Gondorian rangers when uruks invaded Ithilien) So they should have Longbows.
KillingSpree237: They should be able to headshot spam the players XD
KillingSpree237: Lurtz style
KillingSpree237: But they dont need alot HP.
KillingSpree237: Just like Uruk Archers of Isengard Attacker Faction

KillingSpree237: Minas Morgul Black Numenorian Knights
KillingSpree237: They used plate armor
KillingSpree237: Not Robe armor from TLD though
KillingSpree237: They were less in numbers
KillingSpree237: They are also incredibly strong
KillingSpree237: They had horses with steel plates on them
KillingSpree237: They should be used in high wave

Isengard - need to add more Uruk stuff from Invasion onto Isengard faction

 Lurtz Scouts. there Uruks that went after Fellowship. These Uruks were one of the first. They had long time to train. Unlike other uruks that were sent to helmdeep. Fast born and quickly putten in to heavy plate. Instead, these ones had less armor and were archers, they wore a shield and a sword for melee.
They were should be lurtz as boss

KillingSpree237: Armoured Berserkers of Isengard.. You heard it right, they have armour. There was already a set of armour for the defender Isengard faction. Called Elite Berserker armor. You can use these and give them steel Berserker Two Handed Swords instead. AND ALOOT OF HEALTH
KillingSpree237: Saruman used his magic againts them
KillingSpree237: To make them stronger
KillingSpree237: More Durable
KillingSpree237: They should be used in a high wave

KillingSpree237: Uruk Hai's had Detachment sent to Gate of Helmsdeep
KillingSpree237: They made a testudo
KillingSpree237: You know
KillingSpree237: If you have the shields. YOu can just give them Normal Uruk set that Defenders have. and give them the steel board shield and uruk hai sword
KillingSpree237: Archers of Players
KillingSpree237: Wont do anything to them
KillingSpree237: So melee people would take on them
KillingSpree237: Archers do most job in the invasion battles.
KillingSpree237: So if archers fail
KillingSpree237: This will be a hard bosswave
KillingSpree237: And should be put in a high wave stature
KillingSpree237: They have the shields
KillingSpree237: Of normal uruk shields
KillingSpree237: With spikes on lower end
KillingSpree237: bUT THEY ARE GIGANTIC
KillingSpree237: AND SHAPED LIKE BOARD(scutum

KillingSpree237: How about Guardians. I remember that Saruman in Orthanc had URuk Hai Guards with big shields. Just like DUnland Royal Guard
KillingSpree237: uruk hai guards

KillingSpree237: a Crossbow wave
KillingSpree237: Uruk Hai Marksman
KillingSpree237: Who shot the Lorien ELves on Horn Burg Wall
KillingSpree237: A bosswave
KillingSpree237: Archers can use it to their advantage. Crossbows are veery slow in reloading.

midget invasion idea:
Midgets of Midgetia
KillingSpree237: As a bosswave maybe.
KillingSpree237: Than let them all have torches? They are like Rebelling lol. With Their squeaky voices

KillingSpree237: Midgets with Shovels. Their name should be gravemidgets
KillingSpree237: basicly got the idea from Gravethiefs
KillingSpree237: Changed thiefs to midgets lol

KillingSpree237: Midget Boxers. I used to watch midgets boxing with eachother. What about midgets with no weapons. But able to incredible damage while fisting and are hard to kill?

Zombie Invasion:
KillingSpree237: Rage Zombies. As a bosswave. Fast Zombies that can kill with 3 to 2 punches. These zombies are rabid people that died before but they are resurrected thx to another rabid like virus called Zombie Virus XD. With Rabicy and Zombie virus came together. The Mutation was incredible. Red zombies that are very fast(Not faster than hunters) and can kill fast aswell
KillingSpree237: I recommend it to be high wave zombies
KillingSpree237: If you can make red zombies
KillingSpree237: I mean. Zombies with clothes
KillingSpree237: But with head that is very red

KillingSpree237: Old zombies.  These zombies are old and their skin gets softer. But the one thing you should fear about them. Is their durability. Fresh zombies you can kill by aiming at head. These zombies can hold that since their flesh is soft, and bones are weak.
KillingSpree237: A grey zombie basicly. Which simulates that it is old zombie.
KillingSpree237: The Old Zombies are zombies that became that alot earlier than others.
KillingSpree237: Just higher iron flesh and HP
KillingSpree237: It should not be killing so fast
KillingSpree237: Just like Siamese Squir

KillingSpree237: It is zombie afterall. You can use the normal zombie head. But just change texture to red

KillingSpree237: A Zombie Dog Bosswave. As you know, there are rabid dogs all around the world. When zombie apocalypse started, just like rage virus mix with zombie virus. They are very fast and have alot of HP. I saw you already have zombie dogs, they are red but making it alot more higher in resolution, will make it even more red.
KillingSpree237: Than you can make it a bosswave of dogs
KillingSpree237: Should be used in higher wave

KillingSpree237: Samurai zombies... Zombies with armor of samurai. They still dont use katana's but thx to armor they have alot more HP and can kill veery fast.

Samurai invasion:
KillingSpree237: Daigo Attendants.. They have yari and use blue armour of samurai

KillingSpree237: Kammu Matchlock Ashigaru. Good training Ashigaru with Matchlock
KillingSpree237: Using grey armor of ashigaru

KillingSpree237: Montoku shogun. Black Shogun Cavalry with black armour.

KillingSpree237: Bando Warriors. People with normal japanese men clothes. Using no weapon but their hands. They have trained the arts of self protection which is still used today. They should be able to kill quickly with punching but would not die quick. Since they are healthy and strong, they should run quick aswell

KillingSpree237: Next suggestion: Taira Women Naginata Warriors. Women Warriors with Onnabushi armour basicly.

KillingSpree237: Banzai Guardians.(Banzai in Japanese means Emperor. Many people think Banzai is when Japanese Charge... Exactly, They scream: EMPEROR mid charge. So Banzai Guardians are Guards of the Emperor. TRAINING INCREDIBLY well. Having Good Health.. They should be on of the highest  waves. They had No Dachi and could swing it very fast aswell

KillingSpree237: Xia Dynasty Warriors.(The Earliest warriors of China, aswell as being earliest dynasty. They are strong and wont die fast. Since they are ancient, they are naturally stronger than later Chinese men that used machinary warfare.
KillingSpree237: They used
KillingSpree237: Fury Lances
KillingSpree237: and guard armor of Chinese Dynasty Defender Faction
KillingSpree237: They just used lances
KillingSpree237: With Great speed
KillingSpree237: Shang Dynasty Crossbowman.. The Earliest Repeated Crossbowman unit. They are accurate and have little to no armor. But they are easy to kill
KillingSpree237: Repeater*

KillingSpree237: Zhou Cataphracts. The Early Chinese Legendary Cavalry. With best armours and weapons. They had big Dao's In horse backs. With long lances that pierce enemy easily. Recommended to be used in high wave

KillingSpree237: Qin Powder Gunners. The earliest black powder users to date. For that, they are accurate at shooting but they are still easier to kill in melee.

KillingSpree237: Han Archers. Mainly stolen from mongolian origin barbarians in that time. These archers were incredibly accurate and deadly.
KillingSpree237: They also had good armor
KillingSpree237: A long Dao sword
KillingSpree237: And were still hard to kill(recommend putting to high wave)

KillingSpree237: Wei Footman. Warriors with big Iron shield and fast one handed swords. Not very hard to kill. Dont have to be in high wave.

KillingSpree237: Wu Hu Kung Fu Masters.. The One of the first time that weapons are not used in china. Kungfu Masters were hired and payed well for their support, they didnt use lethal weapons, instead a wooden quarter staff would do the job. They have no armor. They are iiincredibly hard to kill. Recommend this in one of the highest waves

KillingSpree237: Tang Throwers.. From Farmers to one of the most payed warriors. These Tang Throwers, Threw Stones, Axes, Spears, even mini blades.
KillingSpree237: Born to throw lol
KillingSpree237: Hard to kill
KillingSpree237: And they can throw it very accurate
KillingSpree237: Expect headshot streaks. Thats why it should be put in high wave aswell

KillingSpree237: One more. Qing Quan Juang Warriors. Using staffsword shaped lethal weapon. These warriors were emperors guards.
KillingSpree237: Having Yellow Armor
KillingSpree237: And you know what i mean by staffswords you do right?

KillingSpree237: Okay. Swordstaff, is simple.. A good Oak Staff, and on end of staff there is a blade. Usnavy will understand what i mean :). Dao Spear shaped weapon. But made for cut
(Guan Dao)

KillingSpree237: Before i go, i just wanted to say something i forgot. About Mordor Factions being revamped. If you just gonna add new weapons, i might want to suggest to add new classes to Mordor Defender faction?? Maybe Morannon Guards, where they only have a spear and a shield. And Uruks, where they have Uruk Armour,   uruk sword and shield. Thank god my friend in steam said about this. New Classes will surely make Mordor more fun to play rather only having 6 scimitars and 2 shields.
KillingSpree237: Because. Goblin Class
KillingSpree237: Is simple
KillingSpree237: With goblins
KillingSpree237: And thats it... It is all about Heroes afterwards
KillingSpree237: Not about orc classes
KillingSpree237: Goblins are not even orcs right :)
KillingSpree237: There is Goblin. Grishnakh. Gothmog. Nazgul. Sauron. Troll. Snow Troll
KillingSpree237: But as you see..
KillingSpree237: Trolls are also just special
KillingSpree237: Having good strength
KillingSpree237: Orcs are just left behind
KillingSpree237: My question was. Are you going to add new classes to mordor?
KillingSpree237: Or will it stay one Goblin Class but many items in it like spears and big sword and armours?

Those of you who don't know what this mod is trying to achieve, it is trying to have factions from all Era if possible.

NOTE - Change of plan, we will release a mini update for v0.115 and call it as v0116 to fixs a couple of bugs as well as adding around few hundred items. This is to stop people abusing in game and make the mod better. the next version is wayyyy too large so release what we have now. beside uni is a trouble that makes me lack of time in modding.

My to do list-

- Note that if i do managed to get my to do list done and my devs not being able to do their own, I will released (min v0.116 with 50% done on my part, or v0.117 with full list done) instead of v0.12. Bad Idea's demon port is big and massive so it might take sometime for him. and Navy have troubles with school so that will take him awhile as well.

Original White Gondorian helmet and Armour are back (With better textures)
Overhaul 8000 Textures (As many as I can turning each one into HD-like textures, ever heard of Full Invasion in HD textures? its going to happen)
Balrog are now much bigger
Hobbits for LOTR faction
Legion Armour (light one lod fixed)
New Class for Highlanders: Highlander Pikeman
Raptors causing the game to crash fixed
found out the main cause of crashing In Invasion of skeletons, they are less lag and much more stable now. so they wont cause problems to the game no more
New Rohan helmets
Undead gaul and several unmatch skeleton units now removed
In Character creation menu Full Invasion Exclusive Gothic Plate now appears instead of the old leather jenkins
Legion shields shiny weird bug in shadows fixed
Fixed a bug with shader problems on isengard shields and rhun's
Fixed a couple of maps with glitch spots and balanec spawn points.
Fixed a Starwars armor not working for females
Invisible robots in Droid Invasion is removed, they are replaced with Wooden Robots
Fixed rohan helmets having black stuff on them
Dark Gondorian Soldiers for Gondor
Fully working lods for all models or redone them to give players massive performance without crashing
all isengard related items in mordor has been replaced with ones from mordor
65 Invasions for Defender factions. E.G. Assassins vs Crusaders will becoem a PVP based invasion mode.
Playable Invaders
french in socialist invasion now have proper french flag
Berserker Now appear as normal invading troops in Invasion of Isengard
Now in Future Marines faction there are real futue marines now.
Buff Invasion of Socialists and making it into a very interesting faction.
Give Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc some special heroic abilities
There will be new Greek classes in Greek city states
Rohan need lighter greaves dammit
When a admin slay a player it will now says the player suffers a heart attack
Horse for Cowboys
Possibly adding Harad and Easterlings to Mordor Invasion
New Uruk Hais
Around 10 New Easterling sets (Sets includes Helmet, Boot and Armour)
New LOTR Armors
Fixed a bug where one of the barricade can still cades spam
Give Gandalf the ability to shoot fireballs like in the Ghost faction.
100% working Ghosts and more ghosts types, you can see through the enemy.
Fixed all buggy maps
Need to make a batman model for Superheros
More creatures needs to be done for Invasion of Creatures
Alien needs laser-beam weapons
Add Robb Stark to Game of Thrones faction
Possibly make a Game of Thrones Invader Faction.
Harad have access to Mumakils
Needs to improve many invasion factions. For example Talibans, Muslim Fighters and more interesting terrosits types for the terrosits.
Football player have new weapons: football related stuff
More Crazy stuff for farmers (Crazy Invasion)
Invasion of Little Stickman / Wooden Doll
Invasion of Midgets (Small little man)
Removed Sauron 2, 3, 4 , Nazgul 2, 3 ,4 and replaced them with more interesting wave.
Darth Vader no longer have droids as companion
mouth of sauron now become the first wave for mordor, balrog comes next
Need to do more retextures for GOT armors
Chinese explosive bombs removed due to abuse
Japanese Officer hats now fixed
More variety for empire and several defending factions.
Playable Space Marines, possibly a option for admins that says 'Make Everyone Space Marines', so everyone can play as Empire vs Orks.
Fixed a bug with naked man body
Orks needs more weapons, like giant axes, throwing stones etc.
Cave trolls need to throw large rocks like they did on the movie.
When fighting against gaul less chance to crash as more lods is made
The battle troll needs a battle club to beat his enemies.
New Troop for LOTR: Arnor Infantry, Dunedian Rangers and Arnor Heavy Infantry
Need to do some new assassin models that is inspired from Assassin Creed
Split Modern classes into different ones, give the one with melee more weapons.
Zombies needs an overhaul, they need new type of zombies.
Possible adding large amount of new troops for invaders to make it more interesting.
Needs to add more kingdom icons to finish the rest.
Some Invaders needs weapons that can kill people who couch.
Saruon are too OP and should be nerfed.
Dragon needs to shoot fireballs and possibly fly.
Asked the new member from our group about improving AI and such.
There has been reports that some troops cannnot pick up their bow after droping them, needs to take a look.
People report that flaming swords are too bad for their eyes, needs to reduce particle systems and make sure the flame match their weapon's length.
Smart AI for Invasions (Some act like real players)
If I have time take a look into Bear Force source code and try to implement Auto Fire Code, and light saber sounds.
Need to make more skyboxes for variety.
Find a new way to look for solutions for the mod to make it performance wise.
Join in game and look for people's opinions and ask them what can we do to improve the mod.
Add more viking items.
Oh yes need to add those new barbarian models (Need to optimized their model faces before adding them to reduce lag)
Some models faces are too high and cause lag, need to do some adjustment to them.
Need to re-rigg some stuff oh no!
New Defender faction : Persians/ Arabs
New Defender faction: The Caveman (Clubman + Stone Thrower + Dino Rider, Sliinger)
Improve Alien Bug faction, try to get something like that Giant Bug in the movie
players want a Egytian faction
Need to redone alot of waves to make everything interesting and not boring
Possibly adding all maps from native as well as making a few new scenes

Navy to do list;
Overhaul on Gual like he did on Romans
New defender faction: Historic Lords
Help Bad Idea working alone side on Demon Faction / Port

Bad Idea to do list;
Demon Defender Faction and Invasion (This is massive and will take a very long time)

Arthur to do list;
Continue to make LOTR based maps and other ones.

Sauron mate:
Mapping and fixing AI Mesh

Valamis to do list;
Make Leonidas of Spartan inspired from 300
Possibly several other A game of thrones characters, like Jaime Lannister.
help me and giving ideas to improve Invasion of Socialists
Improve ground textures, new grass and possibly new shader and new flora kind

Technical Support: (Coding issues etc)

(From the above change log you can now understand how small our team really is, most people in the team are just supporters of the mod and people like Thick is now permanently Inactive). Around 6 people in our team are active developers.)

If you have suggestions write them here.

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usnavy30 Creator
usnavy30 Sep 15 2013, 10:09pm says:

Historic Lords will be it's own faction now? Still gonna sort the troops by volume.

+3 votes   reply to comment
French_Fry Sep 16 2013, 12:11am replied:

@Navy, no worries mate, I'm here xD

@Alex: I've been making a list of some issues and suggestions of a lot players as well as a huge bug list. I give both to Navy once a week.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Sep 16 2013, 3:15am replied:

Yes, Navy put those things on Talesworld so I can a look

+1 vote   reply to comment
usnavy30 Creator
usnavy30 Oct 8 2013, 11:57pm replied:

Speaking of that.. Forums.taleworlds.com

+1 vote   reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Sep 16 2013, 3:15am replied:

We promised Thick we cannot break the promise :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
magiguy101 Sep 16 2013, 6:35am says:

Sounds good, but I would perhaps not add 'muslim fighter' to the terrorist faction; might ruffle a few feathers, to put it lightly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Sep 16 2013, 1:08pm replied:

Kk what do you suggest then? can you give me some names and some equipment that they will be using :D

and have you tried the new version? maybe time to update review xD?

+1 vote   reply to comment
magiguy101 Oct 9 2013, 8:50am replied:

Sorry I don't follow your meaning...

In all seriousness maybe stick to real terrorist organisations like 'Al-Qaeda Fighter' and stuff rather than just outright saying 'Muslim'... It doesn't personally offend me, but I think it would be a wise move to be careful.

P.S If that's what you already did then ok, I haven't seen it; I try and avoid modern era servers... guns in this game don't do it for me...

+2 votes     reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Oct 9 2013, 12:50pm replied:

Okay sure ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
RomanSparta Oct 20 2013, 12:00am replied:

agreed, guns are somewhat really bad.
they don't autofire, accuracy is terrible (not to mention, you have to aim after every shot to get accurate-ish aim), and they don't deal much damage.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jace_J_Coleman Sep 16 2013, 5:35pm says:

PvP? i though this was supposed to be a co-op mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Sep 16 2013, 5:41pm replied:

Co-op mode still exist. As i said, there will be 2 game mode.

Invasion of xxx are unplayable because I know many people will dislike PvP.

But if people vote for Def vs Def, they will get a proper Invasion and proper playable invader, hope this helps :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
MrSoloDoolo Nov 25 2013, 5:19pm says:

Is it possible to give the archers a little bit better aim? Right now it's 50% skill and 50% luck if you hit or not.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Dec 17 2013, 9:10am replied:

Yes sir

+2 votes   reply to comment
MrSoloDoolo Dec 27 2013, 12:07am replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Imp34 Dec 15 2013, 11:48am says:

I wish a single player mode

+1 vote     reply to comment
FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Dec 17 2013, 9:10am replied:

You shall have one

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Dec 25 2013, 8:54am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

MrSoloDoolo Dec 27 2013, 12:04am replied:

There is a singleplayer version coming in case you diden't know :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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