Frontline Chaos is a Total Conversion mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour. It will replace the original sides, and introduce 2 brand new armies: Revenant and Legion. The mod's goals are to supply a completely new story, including campaigns for both sides, and a balanced and fun multiplayer experience.

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Today's update is two fold: first someone is having an anniversary,

and second I have some more vehicles to show.

First of all, in case you didn't know, on 31st of August 1995 the first Command & Conquer was officially released. This means that the C&C series is officialy 20 years old today (or yesterday, depending on when this news post gets released)! Three cheers to the old man called Command & Conquer :P

Second of all, back to the usual bunch of renders I have for you guys. I can announce that pretty much all constructable Revenant vehicles are done model-wise. Some small changes here and there may be made, but unless I get some different ideas the renders below are the last Revenant vehicle models for now.

Besides creating / updating models, other things also have been done for the mod. Not everything is as interesting as the other, but among others, the following has been done

  • removed a lot of unused vGenerals / vZH weapons, projectiles, armors, upgrades, Generals powers and unlocks
  • started work on Revenant infantry (more of that in future updates)
  • changed infantry to no longer slow down when heavily damaged
  • updated several particles / effects / sound effects
Revenant Baron Anti-Air Vehicle

When Cobras and Vanguards are not enough to take down Legion's air forces, the Barons step in. Speedy, medium armoured and armed with a high-velocity 20mm gattling gun, the Baron empathized the Revenant ideology of being able to deal a lot of damage and retreat when superior forces come in. Comparable in speed and armour to a Cobra truck, the Baron trades anti-armour capabilities with the ability to fill the air with projectiles in a moment´s notice.

The large calibre weapon is the larger brother of the one carried by Vanguards, and is combined with a targeting computer and a large supply of ammunition. It excels at taking down enemy aerial units, but can also be lowered to engage ground targets. Especially the Legion infantry divisions learned to fear the tearing sound a Baron makes when it has gotten time to spin its gun up.

Revenant Pandora Armoured Carrier

The Pandora is the closest to a main battle tank the Revenant have. More closely related to an IFV then a real tank, it is armed with a 90mm cannon which has a high rate of fire due to an autoloader. While lacking the armour and firepower to effectively engage dedicated main battle tanks in equal numbers, it is faster and nimbler then them. Additionally, a Pandora can carry two soldiers inside its armoured hull.

The Pandora's role is therefore more of an armoured transport which can also engage tanks, can provide covering fire for its unloaded cargo, and take out heavier targets before these can deal serious damage.

Revenant Raden Tank Destroyer

The Raden is Revenant's answer to the superior armoured forces of Legion and M-Tec. Armed with a large 155mm cannon, it can out-range and out-damage most of the opposition and destroy them before they know what hit them. To complement the vehicle's role of a dedicated tank destroyer, Revenant engineers sacrificed a turreted design for a casemate design. The result is that the Raden has a lower silhouette, and the weight saved from the lack of a turret was re-invested into heavier armour. The end result is a vehicle that quickly becomes the bane of every armoured vehicle on the battlefield.

For increased armour penetration, the Raden fires special APFSDS projectiles. The downsides of these projectiles is that they are much less effective against soft targets like infantry or structures compared to normal tank shells. This restricts the Raden's usage to dedicated tank hunting, leaving other units to take out other targets.

Revenant Construction Crane

For base construction and maintenance, Revenant forces rely on their fleet of Construction Cranes to do the heavy work. The vehicles are a combination of an heavy-duty 8x8 chassis designed to haul heavy loads on rough terrain, and a telescopic crane with a 360 degrees reach. Piloted by a mix of civilian contractors, Revenant engineers and other volunteers, they form the backbone of each Revenant base.

And with that, this slightly later update has been concluded. Who knows what next update will bring?
Tune in next time to see. Dutchygamer signing off.
Frontline Chaos - July 2015 Update

Frontline Chaos - July 2015 Update

4 months ago News 1 comment

In today's update I will introduce the workhorse of the Revenant army, the Modular Cargo Truck. The Modular Cargo Truck, or MCT for short, is an heavy...

Frontline Chaos - June 2015 Update

Frontline Chaos - June 2015 Update

5 months ago News 0 comments

As promised in last updates, I had some things that were almost ready for showcase. Today I present to you two Revenant structures.

Frontline Chaos - May 2015 Update

Frontline Chaos - May 2015 Update

6 months ago News 10 comments

In today's Frontline Chaos update, we'll introduce two new Revenant units, which share one aspect: fire.

Frontline Chaos - March 2015 Update

Frontline Chaos - March 2015 Update

8 months ago News 0 comments

In this month's update, a look at the the resource gatherers and processors of the Revenant army in Frontline Chaos.

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Guest Jun 13 2015 says:

what time is mod complete?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dutchygamer Creator
Dutchygamer Jul 2 2015 replied:

Unknown at this stage.

+2 votes   reply to comment
ZunZero97 Mar 4 2015 says:

this mod is alive?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Comando$ May 27 2015 replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
L()KI Feb 20 2015 says:

Hey bro. Your modelling has improved greatly since last I remember. It has its own style now too.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Dutchygamer Creator
Dutchygamer Feb 22 2015 replied:

Practice makes perfect they say, and having some good examples also helps :)

+4 votes   reply to comment
userz Jan 14 2015 says:


-3 votes     reply to comment
midsidion Jan 13 2015 says:

glad to see this moving along, cant wait to give it a try

+3 votes     reply to comment
paradig124 Feb 25 2014 says:

Hey Dutchy
Good job on the MO stream
Just wondering are we still commanding Legion and Revenant and the Factions in the news item are just history or are the TDA, Lunar Wolves and People's Alliance the new factions?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dutchygamer Creator
Dutchygamer Feb 27 2014 replied:

TDA, Luna Wolves and People's Alliance were the factions that where battling before the time period in which Frontline Chaos takes place. They are lore-only sides, and won't be featured in the mod besides some references to them.
The Revenant and Legion are still the only playable factions in the mod.

I can reveal I've been working on something where I can place all my lore and ramblings for the public to view. It's still in its initial stages, so I won't reveal anymore.

Also, good to hear you enjoyed the MO stream :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
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