Improved AI, Hor+ FOV widescreen support, proper splitscreen support and improved gamepad support for Unreal Tournament 3

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Jul 18th, 2012
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Fourth release of the Splitscreen / Gamepad Support mutator. Changes include local profile handling, improved gamepad support, and a multitude of splitscreen enhancements and bugfixes.

This is the fourth release of the Splitscreen / Gamepad Support mutator. Please see the summary page at for more information.
Changes in v0.4 (07/18/12):

  • Audio levels now adjust to account for the number of splitscreen viewports active
  • Swap Splitscreen Control key removed (could cause issues including profile corruption if client exited to main menu)
  • New "Fine Aiming" function that shrinks the crosshair and sets finer aim sensitivity to allow for easier long-range shots
  • Any support hacks applied for splitscreen functionality (such as disabling of music, dialogue, etc.) are now instantly reverted when the game is no longer in a splitscreen state
  • Death messages are now disabled in a splitscreen game (less HUD spam for the smaller screens)
  • Improved autoaim mechanics slightly
  • Splitscreen clients can now always enter the game menu properly (could get stuck on the chat tab previously)
  • Quick-Pick weapon wheel is now shown when switching weapons in splitscreen (there is no HUD indication of what you're cycling through otherwise)
  • Switch to Best Weapon on gamepads will now switch to the driver's seat in a vehicle (in addition to next/prev weapon cycling seats)
  • Added a new "Splitscreen Players" option to dynamically select number of splitscreen players (from 0 to 3), can be used in-game to dynamically add/remove players as well
  • Removed the "Add Splitscreen Player" control (use the new option instead)
  • Improved Warfare support in splitscreen - the (fullscreen) map no longer automatically shows when a player dies in splitscreen
  • Tweaked default gamepad controls to accommodate the new Fine Aiming function, as well as move the Impact Hammer off right stick (was easy to accidentally activate in heated combat)
  • Implemented working look-to-steer controls and the associated Vehicle Controls option
  • Implemented a local profile system to save splitscreen players' settings. Currently saves settings by the local player number (2nd players' settings will always be 2nd players' settings), but this will be expanded in the future
  • Added bindable "Drop Flag / Orb" control
  • All shared settings (such as network speed, custom character loading, etc.) are now only set by the first player
  • "Small Weapons" option is now set per-player in split-screen, instead of globally
  • Keyboard bindings are no longer set on splitscreen players unless bAllowSplitscreenPlayerKeyboardBinds in UTGame.ini is set to true (less menu clutter)
  • Reorganized controls menu again (all gamepad options are now at the top of the list)
  • Gamepad autoaiming can now be toggled off if desired
  • Music and Announcer are now mostly functional - they will play at full volume from the first player, but the remaining local players' music cues and announcement messages are skipped (this will be improved in the future)
  • Weapon Picker now functions as a secondary fire key for vehicles (instead of previous seat), since it is usually on the left trigger
  • Weapon Picker menu now orders weapons like the normal UT weapon row (Enforcer, Bio-Rifle, Shock Rifle, etc. clockwise)
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foxMod - Splitscreen v0.4
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