For Hire is a Cooperative shooter for the Source 2007 Engine,combining a high attention to realism and tactical/stealth gameplay.

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Anywhere [OLD] Web Designer needed at For Hire Development Team

web designer needed for hire development team anywhere web/other the "for hire" team are currently looking for a web designer to out together a smart and refined website, making the best use of media which we have produced to date and providing the audience with key information about the project. we need someone who can put together a nice layout which fits the theme of the mod, so if you have an eye for good composition and how to construct a website we would like to hear from you! for some brief background information about the project, "for hire" is a source-based cooperative fps with an emphasis on freedom of choice for players - maps are open world environments which they can move about in freely, and weaponry is heavily customizable. to date we have constructed a large base of art assets, and are currently well into developing on the programming side, looking to have a public release in the next 6 months. * please note that the position is unpaid since this is a mod project. *

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