Another old school half-life mod that brings us back to Black Mesa complex. Player is a scientist who has to fight for his life to survive and escape from the black mesa research facility.

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The lack of light (or pulse ), quickly sitting down flashlight battery, little rounds of bullets (many times i used crowbar) all this creates a rather gloomy atmosphere .
The author took some of the HL ( nostalgia ).
Some decals and textures in style Source.
and for the first time that I play HL ( 3 years o_0) i was a scared by zombies :D
It is true that some do not start to wonder And in fashion , there are places where you have to think a little .

Короче интересно и немного страшно xD

Good mod!

Good for a begginer.


Perfect game planning. Keeps the player involved and always finding ways to solve issues. Not too hard but a good enough challenge that doesn't leave the player wandering aimlessly. Keeps the player involved, alarmed, and fully entertained. Magnificant mod and so very under rated. This deserves far more than a 6.4!

A boring, uninspiring mod with the worst lighting i've ever seen. Also it was very laggy.

Bad level design, over use of head crabs that jump at you in vents, bad lighting that makes the mod bland to look at, way to many zombies and little of anything else... quite short and then the mod just sort of ends unexpectedly when you reach a door that says "Black Mesa"... why does it end there? dunno.

For a beginner, the mapping and attention to detail is quite good, and the pacing itself is refreshing.

It's a little short, and sometimes it isn't clear where to go and what to do.

But I enjoyed it. Thank you for the fun :)


This Mod met the true definition of the word "mediocre". Since it's 4:30 am and I'm a bit tired to write a detailed analysis of why I thought it was so "bleh", here's a numbered list for you of the top reasons why I gave it a 5 out of 10: 1) The lighting was definitely the weakest point of the Mod, and I found myself exhausting my flashlight's power on numerous occasions just trying to see in various areas. 2) There were far too many zombies present overall, and far too many headcrabs in the vents. 3) There was a bug where a box that you needed in order to advance past a certain point was easily susceptible to being slid into a depressed gap full of toxic waste, rendering it irretrievable and thus preventing the player from being able to progress further in the Mod. 4) The choice of wall textures was quite displeasing to the eye, and that custom white brick texture was far overused. 5) Throughout the Mod, the sizes of hallways, rooms, and doors seemed disproportionate to the height of the player, making the entire Mod feel awkward. 6) Certain weapons were given to the player far earlier than they should have been, or at least out of the expected order. For example, who gives the Tau Cannon to the player before they pick up the MP5 submachine gun? 7) While the architecture certainly was not horrible, it felt like some areas were simply copied from the original Half-Life, and the architecture of other areas in this Mod did not seem like true locations in Black Mesa. This made me feel out of place when playing the Mod, and ultimately disappointed me because, judging by the Mod's description, I had expected it to be very similar to the original Black Mesa's architectural style. 8) The Mod ended very abruptly, and left me wondering why it ended the way it did. How would getting to a door labeled "Black Mesa" mean that I was "safe" all of a sudden? Wasn't I just in Black Mesa during the entirety of the Mod? Well, I'd say more but I don't have enough characters left. 5/10


lt was great!

too short

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