Mod based on Forgotten Hope 0.7. It concentrates on missed weapons and appearance improvement. Play in true widescreen and without any compatibility mode!

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Good if some project lives, its important to bring this news lot of people you can.
The secret calls, bring it all communities in the world you can.;)


This mod explores realism and weapons missing from the original game- like the FG42 (that thing is a beast in Berlin) the SU-122 (which is surprisingly fast and powerful) the Eierhandgranate (and it's random counterparts) and more. The smoke grenades included in the mod also make a good companion for bombers, as one player can use them to designate a target for another player's bomber.


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10/10 very good mod.


Great!!! at last i can play forgotten hope on windows 7.


Very good modification. One of the best for Battlefield 1942!

Great enhancement of the original mod. The only complaint I can find is the fact that nobody plays on the server that is setup! Other then that I love it.


Awesome mod! One of the best, i really wanna suport you guys with this vote, there are alot of bugs and crashes on some maps but from what i see you can make this mod earn a 11/10!

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