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Far Cry 2: Reloaded is an enhancement modification for the game Far Cry 2, which brings multiple improvements to both the editor and multiplayer.
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Far Cry 2: Reloaded

4 years ago Feature 1 comment

L ast week I posted V1.1 of Vetron's Editor mod, which is a significant improvement over the previous release. Not only does it contain various fixes, but it also adds new features and content unique to this mod. In this feature I will discussing the future development of this mod and an upcoming mod named Far Cry 2: Reloaded.

Item Names & Menu Layout

Features Of V1.1

In this release I fixed the annoying bug of text strings not showing up correctly. In the above screenshot you can see that all the assets and menu items are now labeled correctly, plus featuring some revisals to the categories that assets are stored in. A significant improvement is that items such as vehicles and multiplayer items are now ordered in sub-categories by what faction (team), they are relevant too - such as APR, Neutral or UFLL.

On the far left of the above screenshot you'll also note the wilderness selection window (a window that lets you choose a pre-made map template) now features several new options, plus the addition of both savannah and woodland specific settings (rather than a random one or the other selection).

Woodland ValleyJungle Waterside

Future Features

Currently I'm looking into getting weapons in the editor properly, I want the weapons to feature respawn times similar to items such as vehicles and the ammo boxes. The point being that they will actually respawn but not immediately like other mod's.

I also want to continue to improve the wilderness terrain templates by adding a number of extra options. First off is an option to disable collections (i.e. tree's) from being included in the template, so for example you could just pick a waterside template with just grass. The fact that maps are filled with tree's entirely is at least one reason this feature isn't always used by mappers. I also want to develop more interesting map templates - such as island jungles (Far Cry 1 syle etc.).

I will also be adding more assets as and when I have them fully tested, rather than just filling the editor with pointless stuff. I'm open for suggestions on what to add or how to improve things.

Improved Multiplayer OptionsImproved Loadouts 2

Far Cry 2: Reloaded

This an enhancement mod that focuses primary on the elements that contribute to multiplayer, from map creation to game setup to gameplay. It consists of several smaller mod's developed by me over the years that effect different aspects of the game. Here are descriptions on a couple of them...


This is known as "Vetrons Advanced MP" mod and focuses on giving more options for multiplayer games, whether its adding respawn time changing for deathmatch or adding more score or time limits.


Vetron's Loadout Mod affects the loadout and progressional system of online multiplayer. For starters it removes all restrictions and weapon unlocks, instead replacing them with weapon upgrades. For instance you could pick an AR-16 right away, but by purchasing upgrades (that would typically be where you unlock weapons) you can gain the option to carry more ammo etc. Other changes include letting you pick either grenade type as well as any secondary weapon you want.

The good thing about these changes is that you can play with the progressional system enabled, whilst having all the typically high rank weapons instantly unlocked. Personally I always thought the weapon unlocks were just silly.

When will this release?

No definite date as of yet, but if testing goes to plan then it will be in the next couple of weeks.
In the mean time please give any constructive feedback you have, I can I always improve the mod where necessary.

The "Vetron's Editor Mod" page has been changed to reflect this Far Cry: Reloaded mod, the latest version of the editor mod will remain up for download until Far Cry 2: Reloaded releases. Upon the release of Far Cry 2: Reloaded I will be taking down the download as there will be a more updated version in this pack. The main reason for packaging the editor mod with these other mods is that It wasn't generally well received, thus I did not want an active mod profile for the editor mod alone.

Far Cry 2: Reloaded Change-log

Far Cry 2: Reloaded Change-log

4 years ago Feature 0 comments

Change-log for Far Cry 2: Reloaded, the enhancement modification for the game Far Cry 2.

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Vetron's FC2 Editor Mod V1.1 [BETA2]

Vetron's FC2 Editor Mod V1.1 [BETA2]

4 years ago Full Version 1 comment

Download for V1.1 [BETA2] of Vetron's FC2 Editor Mod, the user friendly editor modification for the game Far Cry 2.

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someone1000000 Dec 18 2013 says:

Awesome Idea! I´m so excited to upgrade my fc 2 mp server with this mod. Im glad that the moddingcomunity isnt completly dead :)
Is it possible to select individually the weapons which are allowed on my server and which arent with this mod? Because i want to ban the as50 from my server and reduce the ammo capacity of the other sniper rifels...
You are my hero when this mod really goes online.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Creator
Vetron Apr 30 2011 says:

I have archived this mod page for now as there is no point in keeping it active. The mod is not dead, just on hold. It is in late stages of development, but I really do have other projects I have to finish first and honestly I just haven't had any time to work on this for the past few months due to real life commitments such as University studies.

When other projects are out of the way, I will try and get round to finishing this mod and re-launch the mod profile page properly. There is no point in me leaving this mod page up to say "it will be done soon" every once in a while.

0 votes   reply to comment
brianab7 Apr 7 2011 says:

Where is the damn download option for this mod!!!!???

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Creator
Vetron Apr 8 2011 replied:

Its still in development, release is TBD. There is no available download link just yet.

I've not been putting any updates up lately, the mod had to be put on hold a few times lately while I worked on other projects. This is still an active project however and currently the first release build is actually around 90% complete...

+1 vote   reply to comment
lowenz Apr 25 2011 replied:

90%? Well!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SpArTeN_Creed Mar 20 2011 says:

If u LAN dous all the playrrs have to have this mod???

+1 vote     reply to comment
GriffinZ Mar 11 2011 says:

Oh gosh, a multiplayer balancing mod, I have my hope up for this since the game atm is far from balanced.

seriously half all people use .50 cal, FAL, or AR15, which ofcourse is boring.

+1 vote     reply to comment
agent00kevin Jan 19 2011 says:

You could already set respawn time in DM unless you are talking about setting it in Ranked Online matches too now - setsetting_respawntime 5 was the console command and server.cfg parameter. Its great to have that as a menu option now if it is for Ranked Matches too-but I have to say if you cant use the console you dont have business hosting a match.

Setsetting_maxplayers 1 is also the command and server.cfg parameter for setting max players. Again, its nice to have that as a menu option, but using the console is key to hosting an online match in any game, especially FC2.

The rest of it is great though! (not that having those two as a menu option isnt worthy of praise)

Question: Do the weapon unlocks work for everyone when activated server-side or does every player have to have the mod to unlock it individually? I ask this because it wouldnt exactly be fair to those who didnt have the Mod to join a game with those who did have the unlocks. (ie: nade launcher secondary w/ USAS) Also, does it work online? With all of thse Mods so far, it breaks online play (with PB enabled that is)because PB detects changes it doesnt like. (I did hear that PB is defunct now, but I havent played in a year)

Anyway, Im not downing your mod - I wish we had this when I was running UNS. We got razorfinnish's Mod right when things were dying out and getting bad with Ubi's crashing, and even that was too late. I bet if we'd have had this as a community, the game would have fared better. (where were you then? hahaha)

I may have to check this out though I dont play anymore :)

Edit: ya got another tracker. Even though I dont plan on playing online again, or hosting for that matter, I like this a lot.

0 votes     reply to comment
Vetron Creator
Vetron Jan 20 2011 replied:

I'm aware of the console commands, the point of the modding of the game setup is just to save a bit of time for peer-to-peer matches, and I don't suppose everyone knows the commands anyway so it will be useful to some people. But if your running a dedicated server or want more advanced settings then as you said console commands are key to any game.

The load-out mod is client side, its not tested with punkbuster (don't have it installed), if its active then it would no doubt pick this up and do its punkbuster stuff. But if punkbuster is defunct now then there are no doubt worse problems for online play than this in terms of balance lol.

I played FC2 a lot when it was released for a while, but eventually stopped playing - I was never keen on the silly class / weapon / editor restrictions at the time. Its only recently after coming across some of my old maps and mods I've decided to update all my stuff and get it released (I hate unfinished projects lol).

+1 vote   reply to comment
agent00kevin Jan 16 2011 says:

although credit goes to "razorfinnish"

^^ this. I was around when the first editor mods came out.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Creator
Vetron Jan 16 2011 replied:

Yeah I'm working on a solution to bring the DLC into the editor properly. But its gunna take time for me to decrypt and then rebuild the RML file. The temporary fix of changing a game-mode string in the toc.rml (that razorfinnish's mod uses) does the trick for now though, although its not an ideal solution.

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