Imagine a mod in which yours units can evolve when they kill ennemies, Imagine a mod in which yours units can evolve when you ehance its, Imagine a mod in which your commander can evolve when it kill ennemies, Imagine a mod in which you can create a sea economy, Imagine a mod in which you can build some experimentals units at each tech level Imagine a mod in which you can call your faction Heroe to kill the ennemies, Imagines a mod in which there are 3 engineer by tech level, If you can t imagine all of this ( and more ) try Experimental Wars :D

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very BIG Toys))
I love it ^^

Great mod. SupCom FA with it is more epic. Good ideas and fantasic models. Just great.

thanks very good work

A great mod, fun to use and great if you just want to mess around in Supcom, but the bugs make it hard if you want to play seriously

this is the best mod on the market

Id give it a ten, but translation needs a bit of work, gotta say though, the megalith vet ups are amazing

I want to say its a 10/10 but i really can't. i can only find 2 problems with this mod, this needs to be updated,and the amount of weaponry units carry when their vet is increased. For example, the tech 3 "Brick", i don't like the extensions of weaponry(the 2 laser weapons coming out of it's back),it makes the unit look ugly and extremely hulk-like. Don't get me wrong though, the weapons are nice, but they should be more compact,or used to replace other weapons.

An overall excellent mod for an awesome game! Keep it Up!!!

Cant wait for the update

For V. 2.8.2

One of the best mods I've used. Many new units and buildings keep the gameplay entertaining, even with the lack of AI support. However, the veterancy upgrades tend to be a little unbalanced, and during skirmishes, unit corpses tend to bug out and remain, not leaving behind any wreckage/mass. This bug also causes some skirmish matches to become unbeatable when the enemy ACU does this. But other than that, it's and overall excellent game. Besides, bugs are expected with any mod. ;)

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