This mod is one of the best mods ever made for Fallout Tactics! The mod was made by GunnerShi and improved by RobCo.

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This mod is challenging and provides better gameplay than Tactics.

This mod adds new weapons and vehicles in addition to adding new locations to the East Coast not seen in Fallout 1 or Fallout 2.

If you love the Enclave, then you will definitely love this mod since you are set after the events of Fallout 2 in a war against the NCR and the Brotherhood to establish control of the East Coast once again.


There is a nasty bug that keeps making double PCs every time it goes over 1000kb. Maybe that is just an engine bug, but annoying nevertheless and has prevented me from passing the Base Upgrade Mission. (EDIT: Now its at 740kb in 3.3, but I figured the cloned PCs vanish after completing the mission.)

Random encounters seem to be out the *** as I can't even walk a centimeter on the world map without some creatures/humans attacking my party. I remember playing the base game and it was a completely different story. (EDIT: FTBooster slightly fixes this for me, but encounters still seem too often for a party who is flying a vertibird.)

It causes extreme lag when I use vehicles in combat but fortunately it can be easily fixed at the cost of visual quality. (EDIT: Disabling anti-aliasing tiles and characters completely improves performance in 3.3 along with FTBooster.)

Really don't know where to start with this mod , i haven't even managed to get through it all but from what ive played i would recommend any original fallout fan to try this ! The Game-play is great , all new weapons ,vehicles , sounds , enemies and the chance to fly vertibirds and much more ! Personally ive been waiting for this since 2001 as pretty much no mods came out for fallout tactics until now ! , this isn't just an addon or extension but more like a complete overhaul of fallout tactics that will keep you playing for days or weeks ! Fallout Tactics was to me too easy but this mod will have you rocking on your pc chair boggling your mind on the best way and approach to complete each level , like i say im not that far through but had to write a review and leave a 10 rating just after playing the 1st 3 levels and encountering some very nice surprises in the 4th and 5th ;) has been very good to play and already im mad about it as been waiting for 14 years for this and this is fantastic , yes it has minor bugs here and there but thats expected from making something so big ! , in time it will become nothing more than Perfect ! So for all the masses of effort not to mention all the time put in for this mod , i thank all the team for this spectacular project specially Robert House , really appreciate all your work ;) cannot wait for latest updates and also the releases of your other mods like Fallout Last Vegas ;)keep up the amazing work and surprises. To the Public --- GET DOWNLOADING !!!

this **** rocks


Played this mod like 3 times. Each time a new version arrives i just let everything else go and start to play this mod.

Well that's that for me. Just really love turn strategy games. And Fallout is one of the best.

It's a great quality mod and should deserves this rating and more!


Great~~. No more word.


I give you 10 because there is a realy hard work in it scirpiting and the other things and models are veary ok...

Great mod


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