Jose Reynolds, a journalist, for the “Santa Fe Times” in New Mexico, obtains interesting information from his sources, that a few hours ago, not far from “Route 66″, strange animals were found dead. Without hesitation, he left the office and hit the road, riding the highway, and after some time came across one of these…

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poshgaloo says

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This mod was passable. I could have seen an English translation. Also there is literally NO DIRECTIONS ON WHAT TO DO! Overall, okay mod.
PS: This mod is COMPLETELY unplayable with WON half life.


AdamDenton1 says

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Ok, this one has some great mapping, but that's all. This is full of backtracking, the objective is unclear, there's no direction of what to do next. You're going to spend most of time running around in circles...

The gameplay... well, it's all about avoiding death traps, unlocking doors. The encounters aren't challenging at all (Except the last one)

I'm sorry, but I can't enjoy this one...


Richy:D says

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Valve dlls -> Enroute. Worked for me.


flippedoutkyrii says

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Despite what everyone has said and from my initial impressions (Which resulted in tons of crashes and noclipping) I decided to give it a second chance.

And who would have thought that it would have been better? Especially me of all people?

The creator went above and beyond with the mod, with very subtle directions and free-exploration in a surprisingly non-linear and well detailed map with custom assets and prefabs sounds great on paper but. And when I cleared my head and began to pay attention more-so then normal players, I found what I needed more easily and progressed to the end, which, to be honest, was a bit of a mess and one-sided fight that would result in countless deaths for even the most hardcore players, with a series of jump puzzles at the end and a confusing button pusher that required simple guessing to beat.

Not a perfect mod, and it may offer a myriad of problems to other players. This mod is not for everybody, but it sure as hell is not a bad mod.

I hope the creator learns from these mistakes and that his next mod is better then the last :)


TheUnbeholden says


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